How to get Legendary weapons in Starfield

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A close-up of a legendary assault rifle weapon in Starfield.
September 13, 2023: Now Starfield has fully released, check out how to get some top-tier Legendary weapons in our guide.

Hoping to learn how to get Legendary weapons in Starfield? You're in the right space. That's a little interstellar dad joke for you. Accruing powerful weapons and armour in Bethesda's latest RPG doesn't just mean searching the stars high and low. There are a couple of different ways to get what you're after.

Using a familiar item rarity system to countless other RPGs, Starfield ranks its equippable gear based on a number of different aspects. Any weapon or armour you find can be incredibly basic or kitting out the max, earning it the coloured rarity you'll have seen in other games.

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How to get legendary weapons in Starfield

Obtaining legendary weapons in Starfield can happen in a couple of different ways: looting, upgrading, or as potential quest rewards, too.


Just as items have various rarities, enemies do, too. That means the rarer the enemy you come across, the higher the chance of them having a legendary weapon becomes.

Legendary weapons can also be found in containers, locked rooms, hijacked ships, and any other place you're likely to come across loot of any kind. The higher the level the area or lock, the greater natural chance you'll have of the reward being a legendary weapon.

A legendary weapon in Starfield.
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If you don't want to rely on luck, you can craft a legendary weapon in Starfield, too. This largely means slotting enough mods onto a weapon already in your possession. The more mods, the higher the weapon's rarity will climb. That's why you'll notice rare looted weapons coming with more mods pre-installed.


Certain quests have the potential to hand out legendary weapons as rewards. It's unclear if these are also subject to chance, but with many quests having branching dialogue options, there's reason to believe picking the wrong option could mean forfeiting a certain high-value reward.

How to increase legendary weapon drop chance in Starfield


Certain backgrounds and traits can increase the odds of coming across these high-value targets, but an enemy doesn't have to be of a rare variety to have a legendary weapon. It's largely down to luck of the draw.

The more of these aspects that factor into an encounter, the higher the overall chance will be of finding a legendary weapon.

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