What is the Starfield max level?

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Starfield player on dark background
Credit: Bethesda

As Bethesda continues to reveal more about what Starfield has to offer, there's one question on the minds of players: What is the Starfield max level?

When galavanting across the galaxy, your Starfield level is determined by the total amount of XP earned from completing quests after landing on a variety of planets. Just like previous Bethesda releases, there are a number of ways to increase your level.

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Starfield max level

Bethesda says there is no Starfield max level to achieve. Considering the game is meant to take several hours to complete, this is great news if you're looking to explore the entirety of the galaxy without feeling constrained by a level cap.

Although there's no Starfield max level to worry about, it's worth noting that skills do feature a maximum cap. As we work through the game, we'll have all there is to know about Starfield skills and how they work.

Starfield player standing in front of ship in background
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Credit: Bethesda

Do Starfield star systems have max level?

Although your character won't have a Starfield max level, it's unclear if the game's star system will feature a level cap. It's likely that it will, given the challenges of creating a truly infinite progression system.


Certain areas of the map will feature levels that change to reflect your current level. This is great as it means most areas will act as a challenge for everyone instead of being a walk in the park for those quickly climbing the ranks. That'll also reflect in enemy levels, gradually scaling up in difficulty as you level up and grow stronger.

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