How to defeat pirates in Starfield

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A close-up of a machine pistol in Starfield.
September 22 - Learn how to defeat pirates in Starfield easily.

Across just a handful of hours of official footage, we can figure out how to defeat pirates in Starfield without even playing the game. With developers always trying to focus on playing a game perfectly in video demonstrations, we've seen a handful of ways to take them on. It's taken scrubbing through video timelines, but we have the answer.

Now, before we get into it, we'll admit that there isn't really much to this one. There's just a better way to take them on than you might think. If you want to save a few bullets, or you're completely out of them, there's a way to put pirates down in Starfield that's faster than simply filling them with lead.

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How to defeat pirates in Starfield

As you'd expect from any game teeming with guns, taking on pirates in Starfield means shooting them. A lot. They can take a surprising amount of hits for low-level enemies, so you'll quickly go through bullets if you're not aiming (and landing) for shots to the head. That's tip number one.

Shooting a pirate in the back in Starfield to ignite their tank.
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But the best way to defeat pirates in Starfield uses far fewer bullets. You'll just have to give them the run-around. By getting behind a pirate in Starfield, you can shoot the oxygen/fuel tanks on their back, igniting the contents within and sending the pirate to an explosive, propulsive end.

If you want to save your bullets entirely, sneaking around and wedging a melee weapon into the same spot can trigger the same reaction. It's either that or you bring out the laser cutter mining tool.

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