How to choose dialogue options in Starfield

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A group of characters sat around a table in Starfield.
September 25, 2023: We've updated our guide about choosing dialogue options!

The core of any RPG is picking the right thing for your character to say, making it crucial to choose dialogue options in Starfield. Bethesda games are renowned for the depth of their dialogue, letting you take your character in any number of directions based on what they say.

In this guide, we'll unpack how the dialogue system in Starfield appears to work. This is based on a recent leak of gameplay prior to the game's release, so be aware that some of the minor details could change when the game launches.

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How do I choose dialogue options in Starfield?

Dialogue in Starfield appears in the form of a drop-down selection of phrases you can choose in any given situation. This is slightly different to what we saw in Fallout 4, where each of your controller's face buttons (A, B, X, and so on) were mapped to a different utterance for you to choose.

Instead, Starfield gives you a list of sentences you can pick from, scrolling up and down before selecting the one that best fits your character. It's unclear how many options will be available in each dialogue interaction, but from what we've seen in Starfield leaks so far, expect at least three each time.

One thing of note is that the dialogue previews in each option appear to be far more detailed in Starfield than they were in Fallout 4. One criticism of Bethesda's 2015 game was that the dialogue options were too vague, meaning you could select one choice without realising how it actually comes across.

Now, with a clearer drop-down menu and clearer wording on each dialogue option, that problem seems to have been eliminated in Starfield. You'll know exactly what your character is about to say, giving you much clearer role-playing opportunities.

Characters sat at a bar in Starfield.
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What dialogue options are there in Starfield?

As with Fallout 4's dialogue, it seems that each dialogue option at any point in Starfield will lean into a specific style of play, depending on how you want your character to behave.


From what we've seen so far, there appear to be dialogue options in Starfield that reflect a number of different traits. On one hand you can be open and responsive to those speaking to you, helpfully conveying information. Failing that, you can be closed-off and uncooperative, with a final neutral option where your character keeps their cards close to their chest.

Ultimately, the decision on which dialogue options to choose in Starfield boils down to how you want the intergalactic world to perceive your character. If you're going down a morally evil route, the ruder options will be port of call. If you want to be the galaxy's hero, then the more pleasant options can help you get there.

That's it for our guide on how to choose dialogue options in Starfield! For more on the game, read up on the confirmed achievements list, plus details on the game's download size.

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