How to remove bounty in Starfield

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A communal dining room in Starfield
September 8, 2023: Now that Starfield has graced the gaming world with its presence, find out how to remove your bounty!

Getting a Starfield bounty is practically inevitable. None of us are perfect, and when faced with the promise of an expansive interstellar sandbox from Bethesda, we're all bound to cause some chaos and draw the attention of authorities. But having a bounty hanging over your head is far from helpful, so you'll need to shake it off where possible.

In this guide, we'll break down the ways in which you can remove your bounty in Starfield. Doing so will free you up to cause more trouble without fear of repercussions, plus getting bounty hunters off your back for the time being.

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How do I remove a bounty in Starfield?

To remove a bounty in Starfield, you need to pay it off at a Trackers Alliance Bounty Clearance Service machine.

These are small ATM-like machines constantly dotted around the cosmos of Starfield, particularly in cities and more built-up areas. Since bounties are issued by the separate factions in the game, you'll often find these machines nearby faction strongholds or notorious territories.

From there, it's a simple case of approaching the machine and selecting the option to pay off your bounty. The price of each bounty varies, based on the severity of your actions, so you may need to shell out a lot of credits if you've been especially mischievous.

Once you've paid off your bounty in Starfield, you'll be free from pursuit by bounty hunters and free to go back to life as a law-abiding citizen - at least, until your next transgression takes place.

How do I get a bounty in Starfield?


Just like in Skyrim, you can get a bounty in Starfield for committing any manner of illegal deeds that attract the disapproval of the game's factions. This ranges from going on an intergalactic killing spree to being caught stealing, so stealth is paramount if you want to avoid detection. Failing that, you'll be arrested and sent to jail, which comes with its own set of tribulations.

With that, you now know how to remove a bounty in Starfield! To learn more about the game, check out how to disable turrets in Starfield, plus how to fix Starfield crashing.

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