How to remove traits in Starfield

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A character walking across a barren planet in Starfield
Credit: Starfield
September 8, 2023: To coincide with Starfield's full public launch, we've updated our info with alternative ways to remove traits in the game!

Bethesda's huge sci-fi IP Starfield features an enormous number of traversable planets and a wealth of customisation options to make your character as unique as you like! Among the customisation options are traits, which can be changed. Find out here how to remove traits on your character in Starfield!

Traits are an integral part of the Starfield experience, as they influence various facets of your character and provide you with a range of advantages and disadvantages. You can choose up to three, however, there are as many as 17 different options to pick. You can add and remove them as you see fit until you find the right combination that works for you.

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How to remove traits in Starfield

Decided to switch things up or decided against your current trait loadout? There are a couple of options for players to get rid of their current abilities in exchange for new ones. However, this is largely dependent upon the trait you want to relieve your character of. To make navigation a tad easier, we've broken down how to remove each trait below.

Trait How to remove trait
Alien DNAVisit any Reliant Medical Centre to have it surgically removed.
Dream HomeVisit Galbank to either pay off your mortgage in full or have the bank proceed with a foreclosure.
EmpathVisit any Reliant Medical Centre to have it surgically removed.
ExtrovertVisit Andy Singh at the Church of the Enlightened in the Well to have him coach the trait out of you.
Freestar Collective SettlerSpeak with the Mayor of Akila City in the Rock and let him know you no longer want to be part of Freestar Collective.
Hero WorshippedKill the Adoring Fan or persuade him that you're a murderer to scare him off.
IntrovertVisit Andy Singh at the Church of the Enlightened in the Well to have him coach the trait out of you.
Kid StuffBitterly disappoint your parents by telling them you can no longer support them.
Neon Street RatSpeak with the bartender at Ebbside's Madam Sauvage and tell them that you want to leave your past behind you.
Raised EnlightenedSpeak with Andy Singh at the Church of the Enlightened and tell him you no longer wish to follow the ways of the religion.
Raised UniversalSpeak with Keeper Aquilis in the Sanctum and tell them you wish to leave the organisation behind.
Serpent's EmbraceSpeak with Mir'za at the UC Security Office in the New Atlantis Spaceport and let them know you're having a crisis of faith.
SpacedVisit any Reliant Medical Centre to have it surgically removed.
TaskmasterVisit Andy Singh at the Church of the Enlightened in the Well to have him coach the trait out of you.
Terra FirmaVisit any Reliant Medical Centre to have it surgically removed.
UC NativeSpeak with Administrator Rookes and tell him you don't feel very "UC First" anymore.
WantedPay the 3,000 Credit bounty to the Bounty Hunters in the Well in New Atlantis or Cydonia.
An image of the Adoring Fan from Bethesda's Starfield
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Credit: Starfield
The Hero Worshipped trait gives you an Adoring Fan as a long as you can tolerate them.

Can traits be added again after being removed in Starfield?

It is important to note that any traits that are removed in Starfield will be done on a permanent basis and cannot be added again at a later time. When utilising traits in the game, you will find that removal permanence makes sense given the circumstances in which they are removed.

For those who get their trait removed at a Reliant Medical centre, the ability is surgically removed, so naturally these will be disposed of and inaccessible in the future. For traits that are removed under special circumstances, you are removing the stimulus or object that keeps the trait active, meaning there is no turning back once the deed is done.


Traits are an optional customisation feature that you can choose to fill or leave empty and there are certain combinations that will interact with others. Alternatively, there are some that contradict one another and cannot be equipped at the same time, such as the Introvert and Extrovert traits.

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