How to complete Alternating Currents in Starfield

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Character standing on Planet in Starfield
September 8, 2023: Starfield is out now and we've got everything you need to know about completing Alternating Currents in our guide.

Let us see how to complete Alternating Currents in Starfield. Quests in Starfield add a lot of fun to the game because they offer different challenges, rewards, and experiences. They also help you learn more about the game world, its characters, and its backstory. One such quest that stands out is the Alternating Currents quest, which you should tackle right after completing the Tapping The Grid quest.

Alternating Currents is one of the earlier side quests you'll come across in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison. During this quest, you'll be presented with various dialogue options and decision choices that may raise some doubts. That's why this guide is here, to help you navigate through Alternating Currents in Starfield.

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How to complete Alternating Currents in Starfield

Follow Lucia to the Trade Authority

After completing the Tapping The Grid quest, the Alternating Currents quest commences with a conversation with Louisa Reyez, who hesitantly seeks your assistance in reaching the Trade Authority. Here, you will encounter Zoe Kaminski. Your first task is to assure Louisa of your support for this mission. Subsequently, Louisa will guide you to the Trade Authority building on New Atlantis.

Upon arriving at the Trade Authority, tensions rise as Zoe and Louisa engage in a heated debate regarding the power drain source emanating from the building. Zoe will then excuse herself temporarily, leaving you to provide comfort to the distraught Louisa. When Zoe returns, she will task you with locating the junction boxes to aid in the ongoing investigation.

A ship blasting off in New Atlantis in Starfield.
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Find and activate junction boxes

During this quest, your primary objective is to locate and activate a total of three junction boxes. These are the specific junction boxes you must find and activate.

  1. Junction Box 36B: The first junction box is located on the upper level of the Trade Authority building. Once you are on the upper level, you will see a spacesuit workbench, and beside it first junction box.
  2. Second Junction Box 45A or 47B: On the same floor, you will have the option of 45A and 47B, as per the suggestion by Louisa and Zoe respectively. Don't stress out and go for any choice, as it doesn't matter apart from relationship build.
  3. Third Junction Box 101F: The third and final junction box can be found near the apartment building of Athena Tower.

Navigating the task of locating these junction boxes becomes significantly easier when you pay attention to the directional guidance provided by the blue dot on your screen. This visual cue serves as a valuable indicator to help you pinpoint the boxes efficiently. You can also open your scanner for a clear pathway on the ground.

Head into Athena Tower

Now we are left with the last task, which is to find the unauthorised computer. For this, enter the Athena Tower building and head upstairs via elevator. You might get stuck here if you don't have Digipick, so have a few in advance to open the Novice lock.

After entering the apartment, you will find an unauthorised computer in the corner. Download all the evidence from the computer and head to the Trade Authority.

When you return to the Trade Authority and need to present the evidence, you'll once again have to make a choice between giving it to either Zoe or Louisa. This is the second time you're faced with this decision, and it's natural to have some doubts or questions about whom to trust in this situation.

Who to trust between Louisa and Zoe?


It's important to note that giving the evidence to either Louisa or Zoe doesn't have any significant impact on the gameplay or the storyline. The choice is entirely up to you, and it won't change the outcome of the game in any meaningful way.

Even with the rewards in mind, both options provide the same, which is 2,000 credits and 75 XP. So, in terms of in-game benefits, the choice between them doesn't have any notable differences.

With this information, we are wrapping up the guide about completing Alternating Currents in Starfield. For more on the game, check out how to pay bounties in Starfield. We've also got a look at how to scrap items, plus the Almagest jackpot.

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