How to get the Almagest jackpot in Starfield

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A starship landing on a planet in Starfield.
September 27, 2023: We've taken a trip to the Almagest casino and done some hacking, so you know exactly how to get this Starfield jackpot.

Luck is a crucial component of most RPGs, and you'll need buckets of it to get the Almagest jackpot in Starfield. The cosmos' version of a casino can promise some huge prizes, but getting the jackpot is no easy feat.

In this guide, we'll explain how to get the Almagest jackpot in Starfield. If you're feeling conniving you can game the system to get the jackpot numbers without taking any risks. Since you can't actually hit the jackpot by legitimate means, this is the only choice you've got.

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What is the Almagest jackpot combination in Starfield?

Luckily, the Almagest jackpot combination in Starfield is tucked nicely in the casino, so you won't need to head to other planets or star systems to find it.

This time around, go upstairs to second floor, past the bar you encountered on the ground level. Look to the east of the upstairs area and you'll find a computer terminal belonging to the casino manager. No need to hack in using Digipicks - just approach it, interact with it, and the jackpot combination will be there.

For ease, the Almagest jackpot combination in Starfield is 12 19 36 5.

How do I get the Almagest jackpot in Starfield?

If you want to win the jackpot in the Almagest casino in Starfield, you'll have to play dirty. Yes, the only way to do so is to hack into the Almagest casino backend to steal the jackpot numbers from the computer system.

If you're running a Han Solo-style rogue build in Starfield, it's the exact sort of conniving mischief you'll be wanting to revel in. However, the process of getting the jackpot combination is fairly lengthy.

First of all, you'll need to get to the Almagest casino. This is located on the planet Nesobi, in the Olympus star system. As such, if you've been spending a lot of time at the Lodge, it's only a small journey to make.

Once you arrive, you'll spot a bar by the dance floor. Head towards it and you'll spot a circular vault on the adjacent walls. Approach it, but keep an eye to the bottom-right, where there's a small vent to crawl though - the exact same type you traverse in the Money Makes It Possible quest. Go through the vent and upwards, which takes you to a small box named Jackpot Backend. This asks you to input the jackpot combination, meaning your next job is to go and find it.


What are the Almagest jackpot rewards in Starfield?

To actually claim the jackpot, you then need to go back to the aforementioned Jackpot Backend and enter the combination above. You'll get 3,700 credits for your troubles, a hefty fee that more than surpasses the payout from certain Starfield quests.

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