Should you defend The Lodge or go to the Eye in Starfield?

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An NPC in Starfield
October 4, 2023: Having a hard time deciding? Our guide will help you choose whether to defend The Lodge or go to the eye in Starfield.

Starfield requires you to make some of the toughest decisions you may have ever seen in any RPG. High Price to Pay is an early-game quest that asks you if you should defend The Lodge or go to the Eye in Starfield. If you don’t know which option is better, we will go through the consequences of both choices so you can decide for yourself.

Before you decide on which option you want to go for, you should save the game and see the consequences play out. If you feel like you made the wrong decision, you can either live with your choice or go back and choose the other option.

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A grassy planet in Starfield.
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Should you defend The Lodge or Go to the Eye in Starfield?

During Starfield, you'll form close bonds with some of the characters you meet along the way, and the High Price to Pay quest will exploit those connections in the most tragic way possible. If you choose to defend The Lodge, you will lose the character you are the closest to.

If you have a romantic relationship with a character, they will die no matter what. So if you are romancing Sarah or another character and you want them for the rest of your journey, you do not want to defend The Lodge.

On the other hand, if you opt to leave The Lodge and head to The Eye, the main character who was at The Lodge will meet their demise. In this scenario, the two characters at risk of dying will be the two you're closest to. Nevertheless, this is the only downside. Everyone else at The Lodge will survive, and Noel will keep the Artifacts safe for you.

The only repercussion of choosing The Eye is losing the character who was at The Lodge. So no matter which option you choose, you will have to sacrifice someone or the other. If you are looking to save a specific character, you can do so but at a heavy cost. You have to reload an older save and initiate a romance with someone you are willing to sacrifice. This will ensure that the character you really want to save will stay alive but it will be difficult to romance them.


The point of the quest is for the player to lose the character they love the most, so letting the game take charge might be the right move if you want to be immersed in the game’s story. Either way, you have to make a choice and there is no way to save all the characters in High Price to Pay quest.

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