How to link outposts in Starfield

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Starfield outpost

If you want to efficiently farm resources in Starfield, you should build as many outposts as possible. There is a way to link outposts in Starfield via the Cargo Link system that will allow you to transfer resources from one location to another.

Our guide will help you set up Cargo Links for your outposts in Starfield, so you'll have a much easier time farming and managing your resources once things get going. Do note that you will need to farm some materials to set up Cargo Links, and we’ve included details below.

Before we talk more about linking outposts in Starfield, check out our guide on the best planets for outposts in Starfield to optimise your resource farming. You should also know how to delete outpost beacons in case you position them incorrectly. We have this and so much more in our Starfield hub, which features all of our guides for the game!

What materials do I need to link outposts in Starfield?

Here are all the materials you need to link outposts in Starfield:

  • Two Beryllium
  • 12 Aluminium
  • 20 Iron
  • Two Zero Wire Spools

Do note that you will need to have two sets of materials when linking outposts. On top of that, you won't be able to start building and linking outposts until you complete the introductory section of the game. You need to deliver the Artifact to Constellation at the start of the campaign, and only after that will you be able to build your first outpost.

If you want to be extra efficient with your resource planning, we recommend upgrading your Planetary Habitation skill to level four. Doing so will allow you to build outposts on planets with extreme gravity, and the skill also increases the maximum number of outposts you can build by 16.

Starfield outpost
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How to link outposts in Starfield

It’s quite easy to set up multiple Cargo Links for your outposts in Starfield. Once you have at least two outposts ready to be linked, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to any one of the outposts you want to link
  • Open the building menu and head to the Miscellaneous tab
  • Choose the Cargo Link option, and it will now consume the materials we mentioned earlier
  • Head to the other outpost and repeat the first three steps
  • Once the Cargo Link is set up, you can climb and select any outpost to link with using the Control Console
  • If you followed the steps correctly, you should see a green light

You can follow the same steps and connect various outposts with each other. If you want to change which outposts are connected with each other, you simply need to head to a Control Console and make adjustments.

We hope our guide was able to help you optimise your outputs and get the most out of them using Cargo Links! For more Starfield content, consider checking out our article on the best weapons in the game, as well as our post detailing the best stealth build in case you want to get sneaky.

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