How to turn flashlight on and off in Starfield

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Starfield: the character in the ship
Credit: Bethesda
September 13, 2023: Wondering how to turn your flashlight off and on in Starfield? We've updated our guide with the latest information on how to see in the dark with ease.

Starfield is filled with caves and space stations that you'll want to explore up and down. Many of them will be dark and spooky, so you better know how to turn on your flashlight in Starfield.

In Starfield, there are dozens of planets you can explore, each with a unique landscape and structures. For your journeys, you have to use a bunch of different equipment to deal with the enemies. To see all the dangers around and find all the loot, you should use a flashlight.

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How to turn on the flashlight in Starfield

If you play on Xbox, you can turn on the flashlight in Starfield with the LB button. Hold this button to turn the flashlight on or off. If you are a PC player, hold F to light up the location.

In most cases, you’ll need it in different structures, but the game also has a day and night cycle, so you will have to use the flashlight quite often. Luckily, it doesn't need to be charged, so you don't have to look for batteries.

Starfield: two characters on an unknown planet
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Credit: Bethesda

Is it possible to change the flashlight brightness in Starfield?

The flashlight in the game performs its task well, but in particularly dark locations, many players find it being not that good. Unfortunately, we can’t help you here, since Starfield doesn’t feature the option to adjust the brightness. The only thing you can do is to increase the brightness of the game itself, which can help you a little bit.

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