How to hire crew members in Starfield

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Starfield hire crew members
Credit: Bethesda
September 25, 2023: Get ready to form the ultimate space exploration team by learning to hire crew members!

Wondering how to hire crew members in Starfield? We've got you covered. Bethesda's latest blockbuster release is here and crew members will play an essential role during your Starfield adventure.

Crew members will run a ship or base that the player has assigned them to. Every crew member is different and will manage their domain in a different way, providing some uniqueness to every piece of property that players own. Of course, you need to know how to actually hire the various crew members in Starfield before you can begin thinking about where to use them.

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Hiring crew members in Starfield

Starfield Crew Members
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Credit: Image via Bethesda
Starfield is releasing later this year for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Aside from bringing on the companions you meet along your travels, there is also the option for players to enlist the help of crew members who don't have an influence over the game's main story. Of course, their services won't be free, but you can find out ahead of time what skills they bring to the table by talking to them. These NPCs will be found in major cities across the galaxy, at spaceports, and at other random locations in the game. For a guaranteed shot at a crew member, check out the local bars and watering holes as that is where employable NPCs will linger and wait for the call-up.

When players come across a hirable crew member, they will be able to go up and talk to them and find out exactly what kind of management style they will use to run your ship or base. If you like what you hear, then you can give the NPC currency in exchange for their services. They will then manage whatever you assign to them. This can be one of your ships or an outpost that you have established on a planet.

Since you can have more than one ship and outpost, you will likely want to hire more than one crew member. As previously mentioned, every crew member is different and has a unique skill set.

This skill set will determine how they manage the property you have assigned to them. While this won't make a huge difference in terms of gameplay, it adds a layer of realism to Starfield that hasn't really been experienced in a Bethesda title before.

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