Can you fly in atmosphere in Starfield?

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Can you fly in atmosphere in Starfield
September 29, 2023: Got questions about flying in atmosphere? We have answers! Find out more before Starfield's full release on September 6.

Starfield has amazing space combat and exploration and it looks like Bethesda has delivered yet another solid title. While the exploration and aerial combat are amazing, if you are wondering can you play in atmosphere in Starfield we have some bad news for you.

The game has everything fans of space games could ask for. From in-depth ship customisation to high-stakes combat, one of the missing features is the lack of atmospheric flight. And this is something we have known about since one of the earliest Starfield Directs of 2023.

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Why you cannot fly in atmosphere in Starfield

Starfield disembarkment
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We don’t know the exact reason why Bethesda chose to avoid this highly requested feature in Starfield, but it could be due to developmental challenges or it could simply be a game design choice. While Bethesda did confirm that there will be no atmospheric flight in its June 2023 Starfield Direct, the publisher never explained why the feature was excluded.

When navigating in Starfield, it's important to note that ships cannot fly too closely to a planet's atmosphere. Instead, upon approaching a planet, you must select a landing spot and the ship will teleport you there automatically. While this fast-travel feature may detract a bit from the immersive gameplay experience, it's not a significant issue for most players.

Many diehard Bethesda fans knew about the lack of the feature ever since the game was shown off during June’s Starfield Direct but many had hoped that atmospheric travel would be added at launch. Bethesda did not add the feature but we don’t know for sure if the studio wants to add it in the future or not.

Mods for flying in the atmosphere in Starfield

Knowing how massive the modding community is, it is entirely possible that fans will find a way to implement the feature into the game. At the time of writing, there are no mods for atmospheric travel.


Now that the game is out and more modders get to work on it, it is possible that we might get a mod in the coming weeks. It is also possible that Bethesda adds the feature to the game in a future patch which would enable console players to enjoy atmospheric travel as well.

We are sorry to have disappointed you with the news of no atmospheric travel in Starfield but the lack of the feature is something we have to live with. For more Starfield content check out our guide on how the dialogue system works in the game. We've also got a guide on how to change your helmet in Starfield if you want to customize your character.

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