How to change helmet in Starfield

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A player character wearing a space helmet in Starfield as they explore.
September 22, 2023: The full launch has arrived, so check out how to change helmet in Starfield.

Though you'll be hard-pressed to spot a moment where it happens in any of the official Starfield pre-release videos, leaked footage has led us to believe there's a very quick and easy way as to how to change helmet in Starfield. The reasons are likely a mixture of cosmetic (in settlements) or practical (in the field), meaning likely a nice hat or a flashy bowl out there waiting to shield your skull.

As you'd expect from any RPG - and from any Bethesda RPG - changing your gear is an integral part of the experience. It's one way that you can become stronger, and even sometimes a way you can manage it without even getting into a fight. And from the looks of things, helmets will play a role in getting you combat-ready for your next mission.

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How to change helmet in Starfield

You'll be able to change helmet in Starfield at the touch of a few buttons. By finding something you're expected to put on your head, you can simply navigate to your inventory, find the Helmets category, and swap out your headpiece as often as you'd like.

Two characters, one with a hat and one without a helmet, in Starfield.
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Certain gear has certain parameters, and there's likely to be more than simple cosmetic differences between most of them. But for when you want to look more western cowboy than space cowboy (and there's air you can breathe) you'll be able to swap your helmet out to suit your mood.

And, judging from some button prompts at the bottom of the inventory screen, you'll even be able to make it so you naturally remove your big bowl space helmet when you're in a breathable atmosphere. That way you won't look too imposing coming out of your ship to greet the locals.

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