How to get the Mark I Space Suit in Starfield

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The Mark I Space Suit in Starfield.
September 8, 2023: Starfield is out now and we've updated our guide so you know how to get the Mark I Space Suit.

Did you know that you can give yourself a massive power boost in Starfield before you even leave The Lodge for the first time? The Mark I Space Suit in Starfield is one of the most powerful pieces of gear you can get in the game, and it is available as soon as you begin your journey.

While the armour is not meant to be obtainable at the start of Starfield, keen-eyed players have discovered a way to the Mark I Space Suit by circumventing a lock. If you don't want to use the secret trick to get the Space Suit early, you can always obtain it the intended by lockpicking.

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How to find the Mark I Space Suit in Starfield

The Mark I Space Suit is found on the planet Jemison, which is the base of Constellation. After landing on the planet, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to the Lodge in Jemison.
  • From the entrance, go right and follow the door below the staircase.
  • Head to the basement, walk past the lab and then turn right.
  • Head to the room with a framed photo and you will find a case.
  • The case houses the Mark I Space Suit and is safeguarded using a Master lock.
  • If you angle yourself correctly, you can peer through the door past the lock straight to the mannequin.

If you find the right angle, you will be able to obtain the armour from the mannequin earlier than intended. If you pull it off successfully, you will receive the Mark I Spacesuit (35,410 value), Mark I Pack (11,655 value), and Mark I Space Helmet (9,255 value).

The Mark I Space Suit is one of the strongest upgrades you can get for yourself in the early game and we recommend getting it as soon as possible. While you will get stronger pieces of gear later in the campaign, the Mark I suit will help you survive tough early-game enemies with ease.

The hallway to go through in order to get the Mark I Space Suit in Starfield.
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Mark I Space Suit stats in Starfield

  • 120 Physical Damage Reduction
  • 136 Energy Damage Reduction
  • 128 EM Damage Reduction
  • 20 Thermal Resistance
  • 0 Airborne Resistance
  • 30 Corrosive Resistance
  • 10 Radiation Resistance

The Mark 1 Space Suit has very high Thermal Resistance and Corrosive Resistance for an early-game armour set. The damage reduction stats are well-rounded and add a ton of survivability. It doesn't scale well in the late game, but you will find stronger Space Suits as you progress through the game.

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