How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Starfield Sarah Morgan

Starfield Sarah Morgan
October 31, 2023: We've updated our guide so you know how to romance Sarah Morgan.

Starfield allows you to get close to your companions and you can romance them during your journey if you want to create long-lasting bonds with them in-game. Our guide on how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield will help you get closer to her and gain her approval.

Sarah Morgan is recruited fairly early during your playthrough, and you need to keep her alive during certain missions and gain her approval through your actions. She is a law-abiding character who is allied with Constellation, so you need to be mindful if you are playing a stealth or thief build.

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How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Here is what you need to do to romance Sarah successfully:

  1. You need to select Sarah Morgan as your companion after recruiting her
  2. Take advantage of her likes and dislikes to gain her approval
  3. Complete the In Memorium quest
  4. Talk to Sarah at the waterfall in New Atlantis and choose the option to romance her
  5. Do not refuse her when she wants you to meet her mother
  6. Attend the wedding ceremony to marry her

Sarah Morgan’s likes and dislikes in Starfield

Like many other RPGs, each companion has some likes and dislikes that you need to know about. These are made known to you through dialogue or subtle hints and you can use them to your advantage.


  • Peaceful solutions
  • Lawful decisions
  • Curiosity
  • Exploration
  • Praise for Constellation


  • Stealing
  • Pickpocketing
  • Murder
  • Lying
  • Harming Civilians
Starfield Sarah Morgan
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How to keep Sarah Morgan alive in Starfield

The Price is High quest will lead to the death of one of your companions, no matter what. If you choose to defend the Lodge, Sarah will die if you have a romantic relationship with her, but everyone else at The Lodge will survive.

If you choose to abandon The Lodge and make your way to the Eye, Sarah will live but everyone else at The Lodge will perish. There is no winning in the quest, and you have to make sacrifices so it is up to you to decide.

The only way to manipulate the quest and save both Sarah and the people in the Lodge is by initiating a romance with any other companion until you complete the quest. This will allow you to sacrifice one of your other companions and keep Sarah and everyone at the Lodge alive, but is something that can weigh heavily on your conscience.

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