How to board enemy ships in Starfield

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A futuristic spaceship docking onto an enemy vessel in the vastness of space
September 8, 2023: With Starfield now taken off into cyberspace, we've updated our guide on how to board enemy ships!

Need a new source of income? In space, nobody can stop you from blasting down other star-travelling citizens and stealing their stuff. But if you’re sure a ship is worth more than the sum of its parts, you might be better off learning how to board enemy ships in Starfield instead. At least you won’t be polluting the galaxy with more space trash.

So by boarding enemy ships in Starfield, you’ll stand the chance of adding it to your own collection. If you manage to knock the pilot from their seat, massacre the crew, and fly your own beast back to a Starport with your trophy securely strapped to the underside.

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How to board ships in Starfield

Think you’re alone out there in space? You couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s like the Wild West out there, and most of the ships you see careening through the cosmos are more likely to pick on you than you are them. But even if a ship doesn’t cut you off or attempt to cut you down, you’re free to make the first move.

By blasting a ship down with the guns on your own, you can somewhat safely grab the scrapped space debris it becomes from the comfort of your own cockpit. But if you want to gamble your way to a greater fortune, you can close the gap instead, opting to latch on and position yourself above the enemy vessel, creating a bridge between the two.

So from there, you can board an enemy ship in Starfield. You’ll just have to battle your way through the crew to get to the pilot. But be sure to grab your best weapons and fight your way to the finish - making sure to loot what you can along the way from the crew and their quarters - and boot the pilot from their seat to take control of the ship for yourself.

A player ship attempting to board an enemy ship in Starfield.
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How to claim an enemy ship in Starfield

Once you’ve secured the gargantuan goods, you’re free to climb back into your own to ferry the attached vessel back to a Starport.

Be sure to chat with the fine folks there and the captured spacecraft will be added to your personal collection. What you do with it from that point on is entirely up to you, however.


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