Starfield fans have spotted that one of its ships comes with a rage quit button

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Some astronauts flying spaceships in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda.

For those who’ve invested thousands of hours into the likes of Skyrim and Fallout 4, the release of Starfield, which is set for September 6, can’t come soon enough.

While many of these would-be spacers have spent the past few months speculating about everything the game could contain and even its potential for cool mods and DLCs further down the line, Sunday’s massive Starfield Direct provided plenty of fresh answers regarding exactly what it’ll offer on release.

Though some of the biggest talking points coming out of this show concerned the game’s 30 FPS cap on consoles, potential peeks at its version of Earth, and a Producer's wacky in-game antics, fans are now going back through its gameplay deep-dive to look for subtle inclusions everyone might have missed, such as an interesting button on one ship’s console.

Did you spot any subtle Easter eggs during Starfield’s gameplay deep-dive?

Spotted by Reddit user ninjasaid13, this suspicious little switch is emblazoned with the words ‘Rage Quit’, and can be seen nestled among a bunch of more mundanely labelled dials and knobs on the console of a ship shown in the section of the gameplay deep-dive that covers space flight.

As you can see above, the best glimpse of it is offered by a close-up shot of a character grasping the controls of their craft, which can be found around 30 minutes and 16 seconds into the video, though there are a couple of others in which it’s visible, but not as easily legible.

On the same panel, you can also see a button labelled ‘CAPCOM’, though, as some users in the Reddit thread about the discovery have pointed out, this is more likely to be the way to dial up a capsule communicator, a person on the ground whose job it is to communicate with and support the astronauts manning a spacecraft, than an invitation to play some Street Fighter 6 in orbit.

In terms of what the ‘rage quit’ button might do when pressed, user IndianaGroans has argued that: “It has to be the scuttle ship button,” while CardboardChampion joked: “[You] press it and if you have the Starfield controller, it yeets itself out of your hands and across the room.”

Meanwhile, in another thread, some users are already trying to guess exactly how the game’s intro will play out, having spotted an object that looks a bit like the artefact the player later gives to Constellation in the hands of an NPC during the scene that leads to the character creation menu.

Regardless of how many times you plan to re-watch the deep-dive over the next few weeks to try and glean everything possible from it, make sure to follow us for lots of guides to Starfield’s world and mechanics.

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