How to buy new ships in Starfield

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A futuristic spaceship close to a mountain in Starfield
September 25, 2023: Starfield is out right now and we've got everything you need to know about buying new ships.

To increase your roster of intergalactic rides, you need to buy new ships in Starfield. Whether it's your first ship as you start out or an excuse to farm and blow all your credits, there’s only one major way to buy a new star-faring ship in Bethesda’s open-world sci-fi adventure. And we’re going to show you how.

As you can imagine, buying new ships is a major part of the Starfield experience. For decades, we’ve consumed media that has dreamt up all manner of space vessels we could theoretically travel through the cosmos with: and you won’t always want to be stuck with whatever starter ship you’re given. Who wants a two-man junker when you can have an entire portable hotel sliding through the stars?

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How to buy new ships in Starfield

Buying a new ship in Starfield isn’t a laborious process at all. Not like buying property in other Bethesda games. Given they’re largely a means of transport, buying a new vessel is a lot like purchasing a new horse in The Elder Scrolls: you can do it at virtually any hub.

With a hub being a port, planet, or port on a planet, you can buy a new ship in Starfield simply by locating your nearest Spaceport.

One of the many services any Spaceport will offer in Starfield is the option to purchase a new ship for you to stick in your space garage collection, take for a joy ride, or turn into your new means to travel the galaxy.

It’s a little too early to assume, but we’re expecting specific Spaceports to offer some exclusive ships at either end of the price range. Recolours, bigger ships, more complex designs: that sort of thing.

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