Should you kill or persuade Brogan in Starfield?

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A ship taking off in Starfield.

One of the first challenges you will face in Starfield is dealing with the Crimson Fleet on the planet Kreet. When you find yourself face-to-face with their leader, you have the option of killing or persuading Brogan.

Now, if you choose the path of persuasion, you'll save some precious bullets, while killing him will let you snag some loot from Brogan and his crew. But is the haul worth it? Below, you'll learn how to tackle this encounter in Starfield!

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Persuade Brogan

You will need the Persuasion skill for this. It costs one skill point in the skill tree, but those who’ve chosen the backgrounds of Industrialist, Space Scoundrel, Diplomat, or Sculptor will have the skill by default.

Here’s how to pass persuasion checks:

  1. Look at the bottom-left side of the screen. Right under the dialogue options, you’ll find a persuasion bar. You’ll also see a number indicating how many turns you have.
  2. Fill up this bar by choosing persuasion options in dialogue. Next to the options, you’ll see the number of points you’ll get for choosing each option and colour to indicate how risky this option is, with green being the least and red being the riskiest.

After persuading Brogan, he will let you go in peace and not attack you. Pay attention that whether you choose to kill or persuade, Brogan will not impact the future story in any way.

Kill Brogan

To kill Brogan, choose the attack option in dialogue, which will trigger a fight. The fight is straightforward as this is a tutorial mission, and the only issue you may face is the lack of ammo.

As for the loot, you’ll get some default Crimson Fleet pirate loot, a few credits, and some armour from Brogan.

What option to choose?


As our experience shows, persuasion is the best option here since you’ll get to improve your Persuasion skill, as this is the easiest persuasion check in the game. And, if you wish, you can still kill Brogan and his crew later for loot.

That's it for our guide on whether you should kill or persuade Brogan in Starfield!

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