How to avoid scans in Starfield

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A ship in Starfield
September 13, 2023: We've updated our guide so you know how to avoid scans in Starfield.

Selling contraband can be tricky in Starfield, as your ship can get scanned by security forces - but what if we told you there is a way to evade scans? Our guide on how to avoid scans in Starfield will allow you to evade security forces and sell contraband without getting into trouble.

Illegal goods have the highest sell value and making a few upgrades to your ship will allow you to hide contraband and avoid scans in no time. Starfield allows you to build countermeasures for scans in your ship itself.

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How to avoid scans in Starfield

To clear things up, there is no way to avoid security forces from scanning your ship in Starfield. But you can trick their systems into thinking that you don't have any contraband on your ship. Strengthening your ship’s shields is the easiest way to achieve the effect, so you need to board the Frontier and increase the shield capacity. Next, you need to hire a specialist and fusion technician for your crew, who will help you gain more energy for your ship.

You can head to New Atlantis on the planet Jemison. There is a building called The Viewpoint, where you get the crew members that you need. Once you assign a fusion technician and specialist, you can get a shield upgrade from a ship dealer for around 3,500 credits.

The reason you need the crewmates is to generate the extra energy you need for your upgraded shields. You simply need to remember to increase the new maximum energy on your ship’s shields and you are good to go. Whenever you are scanned by security forces moving forward, their equipment will return a negative result and you can land your ship without getting into any trouble.

A ship in Starfield
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How else to avoid scans in Starfield

The method we discussed earlier is the safest one, but if you don't want to buy upgrades to your ship or hire crew members, there is an alternate method. You need to build an outpost and a landing platform. Once you have a platform, you will be able to upgrade your ship and obtain new parts.

Getting the Shielded Cargo Container upgrade will allow you to move contraband from your character’s inventory to the new storage space. Here’s how you can use the special containers:

  1. Enter your ship
  2. Walk to the crew area
  3. Open your inventory and select the cargo room
  4. You can now move cargo to the shielded cargo hold

Unlike the first method we discussed, this method is more resource-efficient and is meant for players who already have access to outposts.

We hope our guide was able to help you avoid scans by security forces! For more Starfield content, feel free to check out our guides on the best weapons in the game and how to pay bounties in Starfield.

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