How to get the Star Eagle ship in Starfield

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A ship in Starfield
October 2, 2023: We've got everything you need to know about how to get the Star Eagle ship.

The Star Eagle is one of the most impressive ships in all of Starfield, and you can obtain it for free fairly early in the game. The game allows you to customise, buy, and steal ships but here’s how to get the Star Eagle ship in Starfield by simply siding with one of the game’s many factions.

The Star Eagle has some massive advantages over a lot of other ships. With a massive cargo load, five seats, and solid stats, you can use the ship for most quests until you find noticeably better options.

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How to get the Star Eagle ship in Starfield

To get the Star Eagle ship in Starfield, here’s what you need to do:

  • Join the Freestar Rangers at Akila City
  • Complete eight Freestar Rangers Missions
  • The quest line ends with The Hammer Falls, which is the final mission
  • Upon completing the eighth and final mission in the ques tline, you will receive the Star Eagle

The quest line is fairly straightforward and you can initiate it by talking to Marshal of the Freestar collective at Akila City near Galbank. He will ask you for help with some gang members. You'll know you're on the right track if you get the quest “Job Gone Wrong.” Complete the quest and you will become an official member of the Rangers.

Keep pursuing the quest line and you will eventually get the ship. While the Star Eagle might not be on par with custom ships, it's still very powerful for a pre-made ship. It's great for smuggling thanks to the cargo holds that prevent security personnel from successfully scanning your ship.

Freestar Collective in Starfield
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Should you use the Star Eagle ship in Starfield?

If you don't have a good ship and you're still using the Frontier, you should most definitely use the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield’s early game. Do be warned, using the Star Eagle will attract hostility from other factions, so you need to be prepared for combat. If you don't have a better custom ship for smuggling, the Star Eagle works just fine, and the quest line to obtain the ship is also a lot of fun to go through.


Here are the base stats of the Star Eagle ship for reference, in case you want to compare it to your current ship to see if it is worth using.

Fuel 140
Reactor29 (A)

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