How to throw grenades in Starfield

Grenade in Starfield

Grenade in Starfield
October 30, 2023: Learn how to throw grenades in Starfield with our guide!

Do you know what’s the best way to get rid of enemies in Starfield? Explosions! If you know how to throw grenades in Starfield, you can make combat encounters in the game significantly easier. You can blast your problems away, and the game doesn't shy away from giving you all the explosives that you need to wipe out enemies.

There are tips and tricks that can help you optimise the blast radius of your explosives and do the most damage possible. Our guide will help you master the art of explosions. If you're looking to sow chaos everywhere, invest a few skill points in Demolitions!

Before we talk about blowing things up, consider checking out our guide on how to get XP fast in Starfield to get access to skill points much faster to enable your Demolitions build. We also have a list of quests in case you want to progress through the story faster and get access to more XP. On top of that, you can browse our overall Starfield guides hub for even more tips!

How to throw grenades in Starfield

Here’s the optimal way to throw grenades in Starfield and deal the most amount of damage possible!

  1. Open your Inventory
  2. Head to the Throwables tab
  3. Select a grenade that you want to use
  4. Click on Equip. If you successfully equip a grenade, you should see a white mark on the top-left corner.
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  1. Exit your inventory
  2. Hold down ‘G’ on PC or ‘RB’ on Xbox
  3. Aim at the spot you want to throw the grenade at and release the button to throw

Some grenades have a massive area of effect, so you want to stay away from them when throwing them. The absence of gravity is also something that you need to keep in mind when using grenades in Starfield. Not every place in the game world is ideal for bombardment, so you need to rely on your guns and melee damage to dispatch enemies in zero gravity.

grenade in Starfield
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How to get more grenades in Starfield

During the early game, we had a hard time finding enough grenades but as you progress through Starfield’s world, you will find tons of storage containers with grenades. You can also get them from dead enemies or buy them from shops. The Centaurian Arsenal in New Atlantis stocks grenades, so do keep an eye out for vendors that can give you all the explosive goodies that you want.

We strongly recommend taking advantage of skills that allow you to loot and pickpocket in Starfield. You'll be able to sneak around and get all the grenades that you need. But like we mentioned earlier, gun stores are your best bet, and you should save up credits to keep your grenades stockpiled at all times.

That is all you need to know about throwing grenades in Starfield! For more content, check out our Sarah Morgan romance guide. We also have a guide on how to sell items in Starfield if you want to get some credits to buy all the grenades that you need.

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