How to pickpocket in Starfield

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September 29, 2023: Get amazing loot for free with our Starfield pickpocket guide.

Starfield is an RPG with endless possibilities. If you want to be a thieving menace that pickpockets everyone in sight, you can absolutely do that. There are NPCs with some amazing items and knowing how to pickpocket in Starfield can help you get powerful loot for free.

If you want to pickpocket you should spec into Stealth as it will help you sneak around and grab loot from NPCs and enemies without raising suspicions. When your Theft skill is fully upgraded you will be able to steal items very consistently and also take away holstered weapons from enemies, which can be very useful against tougher foes.

During the early hours of your adventure, pickpocketing can be hit or miss so you want to invest points into your Social tree if you want to be a successful pickpocketer. Before we talk more about how to pickpocket, we recommend checking out our guide on how to hide contraband and how to sell items because you want to get rid of stolen goods as soon as possible.

How to successfully pickpocket in Starfield

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To start pickpocketing, all you need to do is unlock the Theft Skill. It is the first step of your journey into becoming a master thief with upgrades you can get to make your life easier. As soon you unlock the ability to pickpocket you will be able to see the inventories of NPCs, allowing you to plan out what you want to steal.

To initiate a pickpocket, you need to approach NPCs from behind while crouching. It will enable the Pickpocket option. The game will show the chance of success when you attempt to pickpocket. When you first start your journey, your odds of successfully stealing items will be low but as you get upgrades for the Theft skill you should become more proficient while sneakily trying to steal loot.

The best way to avoid getting caught is to ensure there are no other NPCs looking at you. Having the Stealth skill unlocked will give you access to the stealth bar which shows status messages like ‘HIDDEN’, or 'SEEN', giving you an indication for when your cover's been blown.

Theft skill upgrades in Starfield

Here is what each level of Theft does in Starfield:

  • Theft Skill 1 - Unlocks the pickpocketing skill
  • Theft Skill 2 - Increases the odds of pickpocketing by 10%
  • Theft Skill 3 - Increases the odds of pickpocketing by 30%
  • Theft Skill 4 - Increases the odds of pickpocketing by 50%. Can pickpocket holstered weapons.

Thieving and pickpocketing have consequences in Starfield. If you are caught, you might be wanted by authorities and your notoriety level will keep on increasing if NPCs catch you red-handed. Remember, you are considered guilty in Starfield only if you are caught so you want to make sure that you take advantage of stealth mechanics to avoid being caught.

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