Where to go first in Starfield

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The city of New Atlantis from Starfield
Credit: Bethesda Game Studies
September 22, 2023: We've regularly update our guide with some handy tips on where to go first.

With the game featuring over 1,000 different planets, the choice of where to go first in Starfield can be quite overwhelming. Knowing where to head first will help you start your journey across the stars in the right way.

In this guide, we'll cover some points of interest that you may want to check out at the beginning of your adventure. From small mining towns to cyberpunk cities, there's a huge amount to discover in Starfield.

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Where to go first in Starfield

New Atlantis

The first place you'll likely visit in Starfield is New Atlantis, as you travel there as part of the opening quest. Found on the planet Jemison, New Atlantis is the home city of two of Starfield's major factions: the United Colonies and Constellation.

The city itself has several substantial districts for you to explore, including a Spaceport and the Commercial District. There are numerous vendors and questlines based in New Atlantis, so expect to become very familiar with the city during your playthrough.

A ship flying over Akila City in Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios


Another place you'll visit by following the main quest line is the mining colony of Cydonia, situated on Mars in the Sol system.

Cydonia is much smaller and less overpowering than the bustling metropolis of New Atlantis. Therefore, players seeking to start small will want to make their way here first.

Despite not being a major settlement, Cydonia is still home to a couple of entertaining side quests. This will occupy your time well, and help you gather a hefty amount of credits in the process.

Visit one of the other major cities

While New Atlantis is the first major city you'll likely visit, there are other equally impressive alternatives if the modern sci-fi aesthetic isn't your vibe. Each of Starfield's cities has its own unique and distinctive style.

a city in Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda Games Studio
  • Akila City - Home to the Freestar Collective, Akila City is a rustic and arid location. It can be found on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. With a focus on freedom and liberty, this is the perfect place to start your space-cowboy adventure.
  • Neon - If you just can't wait for Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty, then Neon might be the city for you. Also known as the Pleasure City, Neon boasts a classic cyberpunk aesthetic and can be found on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system. Ryujin Industries are based in Neon, if you're looking to kickstart a career as a corpo.

Just explore!

For many, simply choosing your own path and seeing what you encounter is one of the most entertaining things about a Bethesda game. Starfield's cities are full of stories and quests, whilst there are many mysteries to be discovered on the numerous planets and space stations.


Bethesda's own advice to players starting out in Starfield is to "Go off the beaten path" and make their own discoveries. You'll never know who or what you may come across next.

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