Starfield Boost Pack - How to get a jetpack

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A space explorer with a jetpack in Starfield
Credit: Starfield

Bethesda has players around the globe strapping on their astronaut gear for an adventure that promises to be out of this world in Starfield. The game features an incredibly in-depth level of customisation in a plethora of areas, from character creation to building outposts and equipping characters with gear. Here is our guide on how to get a jetpack and how to use it in Starfield!

One accessory that is highly sought after is the jetpack, which will require some work to acquire. While it is not included from the beginning, it's a popular addition to a character's loadout and invaluable as you explore any of the 1,000+ planets the game has to offer.

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How to get a jetpack in Starfield

Jetpacks, also known as boost packs in Starfield, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve a multitude of purposes, which means there will be an endless number of places where they can be found. However, should you not have any luck in the initial stages of the game's main story, you will be able to get your hands on one once you reach the lodge.

The lodge, however, isn't the only place you can find a boost pack. In fact, you can take one straight off someone else's back. Be sure to check the corpses of your fallen adversaries, as they may be carrying a fully functional jetpack to help you on your adventures.

A player using a jetpack in a combat scenario in Starfield
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Credit: Starfield
From crossing gaps to breaking falls and getting an aerial combat advantage, a jetpack is a must-have!

How to use the jetpack in Starfield

Boost packs can be invaluable as you traverse the varying landscapes in Starfield. They're not only useful for allowing your character to temporarily take to the skies, but they can also break a significant fall or allow you to jump across an otherwise unachievable gap.

While it is great to have a jetpack slung around your shoulders, it will be useless without the right Skill unlocked. In order to make your boost pack operational, you must first unlock the Boost Pack Training skill from the Tech skill tree.


Once the Boost Pack Training skill is acquired, operating a jetpack is a relatively simple process. It can be used as a double-jump ability by tapping the jump button twice, or its thrusters can be used to give a more significant mobility boost by holding the jump button at the second press. The duration of the boost is subject to your fuel stores, so keep an eye on those while in the air.

The jetpack can be a vital resource for exploring your surroundings in Starfield, but is also a valuable tool to complement your best weapons in combat by giving you an aerial advantage. Whether you use it to attack foes from above or to make a tactical retreat to heal, make this resource one of your top priorities as you traverse the galaxy!

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