How to find Scorpion's Sting in Starfield

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A planet with giant creatures in Starfield/
September 13, 2023: Find out how to find Scorpion's Sting now that Starfield has made its full release!

The Unity quest in Starfield sends you on an arduous journey to the scorpion-infested planet Hyla II. If you are looking to uncover the Pilgrim’s secrets and want to know how to find Scorpion's Sting in Starfield, you are in the right place. The cryptic quest has left a lot of players confused but it is deceptively easy.

You will need to find Scorpion's Sting when you get the “Find the Scorpion’s Sting in Hyla II” objective as part of the Unity questline. You don't actually need to be bitten by a scorpion or anything of the sort. You simply need to complete a hidden puzzle that will allow you to progress the quest.

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A planet in Starfield.
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How to solve the Scorpion's Sting in Starfield

To get to the Scorpion's Sting puzzle in Starfield, you need to make it to Hyla II and travel on foot. You will find a large monument that houses the puzzle. Interacting with the giant scorpion glyph will not do anything. The game gives you a hint if you look at the scorpions surrounding the area, but in case you can't figure it out, here’s how you solve it.

The Scorpion's Sting glyph is essentially a copy of the D-Pad of the controller. You can use the corresponding sides of the glyph to activate it. Each time you activate a part of the glyph, a beam of light will head in that specific direction.

To solve the puzzle, you need to tap the corresponding keys instead of holding them down. You need to move the beam of light down and then to the left, to ensure the final star of the Scorpion constellation on the ground below is aligned properly.

When you notice the mission objective update, you will know that the mission is complete and it will lead to a conversation and cutscene.

Scorpion's Sting rewards in Starfield

Upon completing the puzzle, you will get to interact with the Hunter. You see him talk to another Starborn known as the Emissary. It is the same entity that warned you about pursuing the power of the Artifacts during the initial missions of the game. After the conversation ends, both of them will invite you onboard to tell you all about the Starborn and the Unity.


Once the mission ends, you will get a key that will help you unlock the truth about what happened to our planet. We will not go deeper into the story, as we recommend that you experience the story yourself!

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