How to complete the Red Mile challenge in Starfield

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Starfield Red Mile race

One of the most memorable locations in all of Starfield is the Red Mile bar and casino. There is an obstacle course that you can complete which will grant you access to the Brute Force shotgun and a bunch of credits if you are successful. Our guide on how to complete the Red Mile challenge in Starfield will allow you to get the unique rewards in no time.

While the challenge sounds daunting, you should be able to comfortably take it on if you are above level 15. Having access to helpful skills like Boost Pack Training and Rejuvenation can also help a ton.

Before we talk more about the challenge, make sure you check out our guide on the best early upgrades to ensure you are ready for the Red Mile challenge. We also have a guide on how to avoid scans in case you want to smuggle contraband.

Where is the Red Mile located in Starfield?

Mei in Starfield
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You can access the questline tied to the Red Mile via the Freestar Collective faction. Alternatively, you can head to Porrima III, located in the Porrima III star system. You will need to talk to Mei, who will allow you to participate in the obstacle race. After accepting the challenge, head to the elevator, and you will be taken to the start of the obstacle course.

How to complete the Red Mile challenge in Starfield

The goal of the challenge is to go from the starting area to the lighthouse, where you need to press a button and make your way back. What makes the challenge so difficult for many players is the sheer amount of Maulers that try to swarm you. With multiple enemies running at you at once, you need to head to the challenge with the right gear.

The best advice we can give you when it comes to gearing is to use the Exterminator mod. It gives a massive 30% damage boost against alien enemies that can help you clear all of the Maulers with ease.

Maulers will almost always hit you, so getting a bunch of healing is a must. If you have 12 Skill Points in the Physical tree, you can use Rejuvenation and heal yourself amidst all of the chaos. Medicine and Boost Pack Training can also help greatly during the mission. We have a guide on how to stock up on Med Packs, and you should bring a few along for the challenge.

You can take three main paths in the challenge when you start it, and sticking to one of the sides is strongly recommended. Try to avoid the Maulers as much as possible as they are almost guaranteed to deal damage to you.


Using your boost packs at the right times can help you avoid incoming damage and outmanoeuvre the enemies. After pressing the button at the lighthouse, you need to make your way back to the starting area to complete the challenge. With the challenge complete, you will be rewarded with the Brute Force shotgun.

That is all you need to know about the Red Mile challenge in Starfield. For more content, check out our guide on how to get XP fast in Starfield in case you think you are a little under-leveld for the challenge. We also have a list of quests in case you want some credits to purchase Med Packs before attempting the Red Mile race.

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