Starfield Narwhal ship location

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Starfield ship

The Narwhal is one of the strongest ships in Starfield that you can buy provided you have a fat stack of credits. Our Starfield Narwhal ship location guide will help you locate the ship in Taylo Astroneering and make it your own.

Before you head to the vendor that sells the ship, you should stock up around 450,000 Credits to purchase the ship. Needless to say, the Narwhal is meant to be an endgame ship, and you should not expect to get it during the early hours of the game.

Our guide will go over the ship’s location, stats, and other important information. Before we dig deeper into how you can obtain the ship, consider checking out our guide on how to sell items to get the credits that you need to purchase the ship. You should also check out our contraband guide as selling smuggled goods is one of the fastest ways to get credits in the game.

Starfield Narwhal ship location and price

Narwhal ship Starfield
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If you want to purchase the ship, you will need to head to Taiyo Astroneering which is located at the Ryujin Building Site in Neon Core.

  1. As soon as you enter the building, go through the door right ahead
  2. Take the elevator and select “Taiyo Astroneering”
  3. When you exit the elevator, head right, and you will find a vendor
  4. You will be able to purchase the Narwhal for 432,620 Credits

Is the Narwhal worth it?

The Narwhal is one of Starfield's most expensive ships, and the near-450,000 credits asking price exists for a reason. It has incredibly high stats for a prebuilt ship and you should try and get it if you are looking for a ship that excels at not just combat but also hauling materials. While there are better ships if you are looking to transfer cargo, nothing beats the versatility of the Narwhal. Unless of course, you can build your own ship that outperforms the Narwhal

Class C ships are the most powerful and expensive ones in Starfield. They have some of the best weapons, shields, and utility that you can get in the game. While it is likely that you can build a better ship than the Narwhal, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a top-quality ship, and spending around 450,000 Credits might be the easier way out.

If you are wondering what the technical specs of the ships look like, here they are:

  • Ship class: C
  • Reactor power: 36
  • Crew capacity: Seven
  • Gravity jump distance: 30 LY
  • Shield: 995
  • Laser weapon strength: 24
  • Ballistic weapon strength: 114
  • Missile weapon strength: 82
  • Particle beam weapon strength: No particle beam weapons

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