Best tank build in Starfield

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A gun strewn next to some mess in Starfield.
September 22, 2023 - With Starfield released, we've updated our guide on the best tank build for the game.

If you plan to go into combat all guns blazing, you'll naturally want to know the best tank build in Starfield. While it can be fun to take things stealthily, other times you may want to simply blast away your opponents. So in those cases, being a tank is the solution.

In this guide, we'll go over how best to set up a character to be a supreme tank in Starfield. There might not be one specific build that is better than the rest, but we'll give you some tips based on our experience of the game!

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What is the best tank build in Starfield?

Take a look at our ideal tank builds for physically dominating your way through space!


The best tank build in Starfield is all about optimising your firepower. While there are a plethora of options out there, and many still yet to be discovered, these ones are handy for optimum damage output.

Our first recommendation is the Brawler Equinox. This is a heavy rifle that fires out laser bolts and is the rarest version of the much more common Equinox gun. It fires lasers incredibly fast and will be really handy as an all-rounder for mid-range encounters, dealing plenty of damage as you go.

We'd also opt for the Urban Eagle as your sidearm of choice. This revolver packs an almighty punch against enemies, also tagging them so you can track their whereabouts. For close-range encounters, you can't beat it.

But most importantly, the best gun for a Starfield tank is the Experiment A-7. It's still fairly undiscovered right now, but this shotgun does 117 damage per hit, more than enough to wipe out most enemies. Stick an extended mag on there and you can mow down a room of space pirates with ease.

Perks and skills

In terms of skills, there are quite a few that'll no doubt prove really useful for a Starfield tank. We've sampled a few below!

First up is Weight Lifting, a skill that lets you increase your storage capacity. On the surface level, this would be helpful for any Starfield build, but for a tank specifically, it'll let you hold onto more ammo, grenades, and weapons. To have the largest arsenal possible, you'll need Weight Lifting equipped.


Alongside this, the Marksman skill is practically a no-brainer for a Starfield tank. This increases your accuracy for guns generally, but especially for scoped weapons. That'll always be useful when gunplay is the focus of your approach to combat.

Lastly, there's no harm in equipping the Heavy Weapon Certification skill. Considering the nature of a tank is to go in all guns blazing, laying waste to enemies, it's always a good idea to use heavy weapons like launchers and railguns. This skill increases the damage output from heavy weapons, making the destruction of your enemies even easier.

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