Starfield guns and weapons guide - Full list so far

An old shelf with intergalactic equipment in Starfield.

An old shelf with intergalactic equipment in Starfield.
November 9, 2023 - We've updated our Starfield guns and weapons guide!

Starfield has been out for a few weeks, and there are a multitude of Starfield guns and weapons you can use. From high-tech firearms to elite throwables, there's plenty to attack your enemies with.

This guide will teach you about all Starfield guns and weapons shown before the official game’s release. There are not only ordinary pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns, but also various other exciting weapons.

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Starfield guns and weapons so far

The main character blasting off in a spaceship in Starfield.
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The AR-99 was the first assault rifle revealed in Starfield. The main feature of the AR-99 is its size. AR-99 might remind you of tiny rifles from Apex Legends or Destiny 2. The assault rifle seems to be even smaller than the Desert Eagle in some shooters.

The most likely scenario is that the AR-99 uses 11x45mm ammunition, providing this assault rifle with a reasonable fire rate. Even though it was shown in the trailer for only a few seconds, many people consider it one of the best weapons in Starfield.


The Equinox is considered the most exciting weapon in Starfield nowadays. It is a unique laser rifle with a capacity of 20 projectiles, allowing you to kill plenty of enemies. Moreover, as the Equinox is a laser gun, it will likely feature the best accuracy and fire rate in the game.

The only disadvantage of the Equinox is that this weapon appears too inaccurate if you move, forcing you to opt for creative battle strategies if you want to use this weapon effectively. But there is no doubt that the Equinox will become a deadly machine in your hands if you are a skilled player.

Coachman shotgun

Shotguns appear to be the most toxic weapons in video games. Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and other popular shooters are examples. Therefore, even from the release, the double-barrel Coachman has become one of the most widely discussed weapons in the game.

Unlike other weapons in this group, the Coachman shotgun requires only one shot to land a kill. If you look at the Coachman shotgun closely, you will see the word Laredo at the top of this weapon, which is an easter egg referencing the city in Texas.


Although the Maelstrom looks like a pistol or Mini Uzi, it appears to be one of the most deadly SMGs in the game. Like any other SMG, it has an incredibly high fire rate and plenty of ammo, allowing you to cope with crowds of opponents. The only significant disadvantage of the Maelstrom is its accuracy. If you move, it is nearly impossible to have an accuracy higher than 30%. Therefore, if you are not a big fan of shooters and don't have much experience playing with SMGs, it would be best to opt for another weapon that will show more stable results in your hands.


The Grendel is a classic SMG that looks like an upgraded version of the P90. Even the gameplay video shows that the only difference between Grendel and P90 is the scope on the top of this gun.

The distinguishing feature of this gun is its high accuracy despite the excellent fire rate, as well as 50 bullets in the magazine. Even though there is no official information about the Grendel’s stats, this weapon will be a slightly modernised version of the P90. So, you can be sure that Grendel will become the favourite gun for many players.

EON Pistol

The EON is a powerful semi-automatic pistol that will be an excellent secondary weapon in challenging battles. It has a magazine of 12 bullets, allowing you to use it even against a small group of enemies. There's a good chance that you can improve it using various attachments.

Frag and Knife

Another two weapons that have been revealed before the game’s release are the frag grenade and knife. Even though these weapons were shown for less than ten seconds in pre-release footage, they've created plenty of discussion.

Like in most video games, the knife will be used only occasionally, and a grenade is only useful in specific situations.

Laser Rifle

The Laser Rifle is the most secret weapon spotted in the official trailer of Starfield. It doesn't resemble weapons from other video games, and there was no explicit gameplay showing this weapon in action. Bethesda has only shown one snippet, in which the player reloads the Laser Rifle using the replacing battery.

Also, a small hexagonal-shaped pistol and cutter were spotted in the trailer. But there is too little information on them, so it's impossible to guess what these guns will be.

There are still numerous guns available in the vast arsenal of Starfield. Here are some of the weapons currently available in the game:

  • AA-99 - Rifle
  • Arc Welder - Heavy
  • Auto-Rivet - Heavy
  • Barrow Knife - Melee
  • Beowulf - Rifle
  • Big Bang - Shotgun
  • Breach - Shotgun
  • Bridger - Heavy
  • Coachman - Shotgun
  • Combat Knife - Melee
  • Cryo Mine - Throwable
  • Cutter - Heavy
  • Drum Beat - Rifle
  • Eon - Pistol
  • Equinox - Rifle
  • Eternity's Gate - Rifle
  • Experiment A-7 - Shotgun
  • Frag Grenade - Throwable
  • Fragmentation Mine - Throwable
  • Grendel - Rifle
  • Hard Target - Rifle
  • Impact Grenade - Throwable
  • Incendiary Grenade - Throwable
  • Inferno Mine - Throwable
  • Kodama - Rifle
  • Kraken - Pistol
  • Lawgiver - Rifle
  • Maelstrom - Rifle
  • MagPulse - Rifle
  • MagShear - Rifle
  • MagShot - Pistol
  • MagSniper - Rifle
  • MagStorm - Heavy
  • Microgun - Shotgun
  • Negotiator - Heavy
  • Novablast Disruptor - Rifle
  • Novalight - Pistol
  • Old Earth Assault Rifle - Rifle
  • Old Earth Hunting Rifle - Rifle
  • Old Earth Pistol - Pistol
  • Old Earth Shotgun - Shotgun
  • Orion - Rifle
  • Osmium Dagger - Melee
  • Pacifier - Shotgun
  • Rattler - Pistol
  • Razorback - Pistol
  • Regulator - Pistol
  • Rescue Axe - Melee
  • Ripshank - Melee
  • Shotty - Shotgun
  • Shrapnel Grenade - Throwable
  • Sidestar - Pistol
  • Solstice - Pistol
  • Stun Mine - Throwable
  • Tanto - Melee
  • Tesla Pylon - Throwable
  • Tombstone - Rifle
  • Toxic Gas Mine - Throwable
  • UC Naval Cutlass - Melee
  • Urban Eagle - Pistol
  • Va'ruun Inflictor - Rifle
  • Va'ruun Painblade - Melee
  • Va'ruun Starshard - Pistol
  • Wakizashi - Melee
  • XM-2311 - Pistol

But there you have it, that’s it for our guide to Starfield guns and weapons. For even more on the game, check out whether it has a romance system, as well as the confirmed city list so far.

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