Starfield multiplayer and co-op - Will it exist?

A spaceship blasting through space in Starfield.

A spaceship blasting through space in Starfield.
November 3, 2023: Know whether co-op and multiplayer is possible in Starfield.

One of the most widely discussed topics about the upcoming Bethesda game is the chance of Starfield multiplayer and co-op modes. There are various rumours on this topic, and both sides of the discussion have significant arguments that suggest they may be right.

By reading this guide, you will find out whether multiplayer and co-op modes will exist in Starfield. There will be essential information and a throwback to Bethesda's history to get the necessary official comments on a multiplayer mode.

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Will there be a multiplayer mode in Starfield?

If you look at previous titles from Bethesda Softworks, you will find out that the company doesn't tend to develop multiplayer games. Aside from standalone multiplayer games like The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76, most other Bethesda games are single-player only. So, as expected, Starfield will not feature multiplayer components of any kind.

Multiplayer or co-op modes are features often long in the making. Mostly, developers announce multiplayer support long before the game’s official release. So, you shouldn't hold your breath for a potential Starfield co-op update post-launch.

In fact, Todd Howard announced that Starfield would not support multiplayer mode two years ago in an interview at Develop:Brighton 2020. You can be sure that Bethesda's plans haven't changed since then.

As wev'e said, the only option for Bethesda is to add multiplayer a few months after the game's release. The devs could fix all bugs and glitches, and release a multiplayer mode as a part of a significant update.

A futuristic city in Starfield.
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Can you play Starfield multiplayer without an official release?

While it seems that Bethesda won't release native multiplayer for Starfield, that doesn't mean it won't be possible at all. Fortunately, there is a high chance that community modders will add an unofficial multiplayer mode down the line.

The only disadvantage is that there is a chance of installing viruses or unstable software while downloading mods from shady websites. Therefore, it would be best to avoid installing modifications once the game is released. It's better to wait until any tested mods appear on the net, or reliable sites like Nexus Mods.

That’s it for the multiplayer mode in Starfield! Even though there is a slight chance that it will be officially available at the game’s release, mod developers might add a multiplayer mode down the line.

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