How to get Starfield early access

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Man standing in front of Spaeship in Starfield
Credit: Bathesda

Looking for info on how to get Starfield early access? With each passing day, we are inching closer to the official launch of Starfield. If you're excited to experience Starfield before its official release, you might be wondering how to secure early access. Early access refers to the opportunity to play a game before its intended launch date.

Starfield promises an unparalleled experience of galactic exploration. Set in an expansive universe, it invites players to embark on a thrilling journey through uncharted frontiers, immersing them in the role of a space pioneer.

In addition to exploring how to acquire early access to Starfield, we will also delve into the anticipated date of when this early access will be made available.

How to get Starfield early access

If you want to secure Starfield early access then you can do so by pre-purchasing the Starfield special editions. These editions are:

  • Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade
  • Starfield Premium Edition
  • Starfield Constellation Edition

The Starfield Digital Premium Edition includes the base game, Constellation skin pack, digital artbook, and digital soundtrack, and grants players five full days of early access to gameplay before the official release.

Character walking out of spaceship in Starfield
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Credit: Bathesda

The Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade is a digital add-on that gives you five days early access to the game. Furthermore, it provides you with Shattered Space Story Expansion, the Constellation Skin Pack, and more.

The Starfield Constellation Edition is a limited-edition physical bundle that contains the core game, the SteelBook case, a constellation patch, a constellation coin, a constellation figurine, and a constellation art portfolio. It will also provide you with early access to the game for five days.

To ensure you're prepared to play the Early Access version of Starfield as soon as it is released, you should pre load the game once you're able to do so.

Not to mention, Game Pass subscribers can conveniently pre-install both the game and its Standard Edition pre-order perks through the Game Pass app. Take advantage of the opportunity to pre-install Starfield right now.

When will Starfield early access be available?


It has already been confirmed by Bethesda that Starfield will be launched globally on September 6, 2023. Also, players with early access will have the opportunity to download and enjoy Starfield a full five days prior to the game's worldwide release. This simply means that September 1 will be the highly anticipated launch day for Starfield early access.

Therefore, mark your calendar for September 1 to commence your maiden intergalactic adventure with Starfield.

No doubt, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Bethesda's brand-new adventure. Gamers worldwide are hopeful that the game will live up to expectations and offer an experience similar to Bethesda's other masterpiece RPGs. For additional content, you can explore our guide best laptops for Starfield and who the voice actors are in Starfield.

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