How to change your FOV in Starfield

Find out how to change your FOV in Starfield for the best performance
Credit: Starfield

Find out how to change your FOV in Starfield for the best performance
Credit: Starfield
November 8, 2023: Easily change your FOV in Starfield.

Exploring the vast expanse of space in Bethesda's out-of-this-world IP Starfield? There is a sneaky trick to improving your field of view so you can take in even more of the game's many environments. Read on to find out how to change your FOV in Starfield!

Your FOV in Starfield can have an effect on the overall experience in the game. It can affect facets of the title such as its Photo Mode, so getting it just right will put you in the best possible position to strap on your boost pack and leave no planet's stone unturned!

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How to change your FOV in Starfield

For those looking to increase their range of vision in Starfield and get a greater look at all the countless planets have to offer, a Reddit user has revealed just how this can be achieved.

In the Starfield subreddit, the user explains that the FOV can be changed by visiting the Starfield folder in your PC's Documents folder and creating a text file named "StarfieldCustom.ini". Once this is created, you should input the following into the file;


With this input, your FOV in Starfield should increase to 100 degrees, which is a significant range of horizontal vision.

What is worth noting about this modification is that it can only be done on those playing the title on a PC. Unfortunately, the FOV can't be changed on consoles, at least not as it stands right now.

The Starfield FOV showing a ship and some local fauna
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Credit: Starfield
Learn how to change your FOV to improve on your Starfield viewing experience!

What is FOV?

Field of view (FOV) is an integral part of first and third-person games that, unless it is problematic, will largely go unnoticed by players. However, there is no understating the importance of having a good FOV in the pursuit of a great gaming experience.

The FOV refers to the amount of landscape you can see in your immediate vision and is measured by the number of degrees that can be seen horizontally. For example, an FOV of 40 would indicate that you can see 40 of the 360 degrees of vision.

A wider FOV can be a huge advantage in games as it will contribute to how easily you can immerse yourself in a game, as well as increasing awareness of any potential hazards or threats that are approaching you in-game.

We hope that improves how you see the 1,000+ planets in Starfield and spot threats so you can use the game's varying weapons to dispatch them!

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