Starfield map - What we've seen thus far

The player character on a mountainous planet in Starfield.

The player character on a mountainous planet in Starfield.
November 6, 2023: The Starfield map is massive. Find everything there is to know about it in our guide containing the latest information.

Discussions about the Starfield map appeared as soon as the first rumours about the game’s release emerged. Undoubtedly, the map is one of the most important aspects of any video game. Starfield's map is not an exception. Thankfully, we now have an answer.

Read this guide, and you will learn everything you need about the Starfield map, which is bound to be huge. Get ready as players prepare to explore a variety of planets.

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How big is the Starfield map?

If you look back a few years, you will find out that the specific plans for the release of Starfield map were leaked more than two years ago. During an interview at Develop:Brighton in 2020, Todd Howard, Starfield's Game Director, announced that it'll be the biggest map among all Bethesda RPGs.

Even though Starfield will not feature an endless world, the in-game map will be even bigger than the Fallout 76 map, which is four times bigger than the classic Skyrim map. Exploring this map will take much more time than it might seem.

What do we know about the Starfield map?

The game will use Creation Engine 2, meaning the map will feature much higher quality than the worlds of other Bethesda projects. But you should keep in mind that Creation Engine 2 significantly increases the game hardware requirements. So, it will be impossible to play Starfield on an older PC like other RPGs.

Also, one more thing that is well known is that most areas on the Starfield map will be explorable. Sometimes, developers make maps pretty big but manually decrease the interactive zone, limiting the map's actual utility. With the Starfield map, the situation is different. You will be able to quickly go around 80% of the map and enjoy the exciting space landscapes.

The surface of a rocky planet in Starfield.
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Starfield map past rumours

Probably the most widespread rumour about the Starfield map is that developers will make a few space dimensions, and you will be able to move between them freely. Even though it sounds like the best idea, the chances it will come true are incredibly tiny. Developing several different dimensions would take too much time and effort. So, Bethesda is likely to refuse this idea and put its efforts in a more rational direction.

Also, a widespread theory is that Bethesda will divide the map into a few chapters and make them unlockable as you progress in the game. As well as with previous rumours, there is no official confirmation of this theory. This would make sense, however, to ensure you don't explore too much at once. Instead, the Starfield map will organically unfold as you progress.

That’s it for our look at the Starfield map! We will update this article as soon as any official information appears online. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free multiplayer games.

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