How to use Transfer Container in Starfield

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A ship at an outpost in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda

We know how exhausting it can be to lug all those resources back and forth to your ship. To make your journeys easier, you should learn how to use a Transfer Container in Starfield.

The Transfer Container is a Starfield device that will do all the heavy lifting for you. This can transfer massive amounts of resources straight to your ship, saving you loads of time and effort. But building and setting up the Transfer Container isn't a walk in the park, so we are here to help.

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How to build a Transfer Container in Starfield

First, to use a Transfer Container at your outpost in Starfield, you need to build it. Here are the materials you’ll need for this:

  • Four Lubricant
  • Five Tungsten
  • Eight Iron

Your next task will be to build an Extractor. When you go to the Extractors tab, there will be several options to choose from depending on the ore that can be mined on your planet.

When you install the Extractor, you must use the scanner to highlight in green the areas with the most minerals. Next, you can open Build Mode, where you can place objects with a top view. When you've placed the device, hover over it and click to create an Outpost Link. Next, drag the red line to the Transfer Container. Thus, you can connect several Extractors to it at once.

Now that you've got the resource transfer lines connected, you need to find out how much energy you'll require. There are many different Extractors in the game, and they all require different amounts of energy, so hover over it to see how much yours consumes. Next, draw a line from it to a suitable power supply, such as a space station.

The last thing to do is to land your ship, but you also need to find a place to do so. To do this, you need a Landing Point that should be located close to the outpost. But note that if the distance is more than 250 meters between the landing point and your container, you won't be able to transfer items.

A ship landed at an outpost in Starfield.
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Credit: Bethesda

How to use Transfer Container in Starfield

Now everything is ready, you can land your ship on the Landing Point to transfer resources there. To complete this, you need to open the Cargo Hold, which can be found near the pilot's seat. If you did everything right, you should have an outpost inventory visible there. In it, you can select any items and immediately transfer them to the Cargo Hold. If you have built a Landing Pad at the outpost and landed there, you will also be able to transfer items from the ship to the outpost.

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