What to do with Misc items in Starfield

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Starfield: the character next to the ship
Credit: Bethesda
September 13, 2023: Starfield is now available and we've updated our guide with information on what you should do with misc items.

If your character is overwhelmed by the sheer number of miscellaneous items cluttering up your inventory, you should learn what to do with misc items in Starfield.

You're out exploring the vast reaches of Starfield, and every nook and cranny seems to hold some shiny trinket or valuable relic. Naturally, you want to grab them all, hoping they'll come in handy later, or just sell them for credits to a merchant. But still, learning about the inventory system is essential, so here is what you should do with miscellaneous items.

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Starfield: the ship
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Credit: Bethesda

What to do with Misc items in Starfield

The main purpose of Misc items in Starfield is being sold, so you should do this as soon as possible. Those who played Fallout 4 were quite surprised by this, as in the post-apocalypse game, every item was useful. But in Starfield, the various items that you fill your inventory with cannot even be used for crafting, and therefore they just take up space. So, in general, we recommend collecting items that cost at least a hundred credits to save space for something more important.

But still, selling is not the only thing you can do with misc items. They can be used to increase the level of your Commerce skill. With it, items will become cheaper for you and more expensive when sold. You need to sell and buy unique items a total of 250 times to upgrade the skill to the highest level. In fact, it's hard to call this another way to use misc items, since it still involves selling them.

Besides that, you can just place these items in your house or ship to decorate them. Leaving them in your storage is always an option, though you'll rarely find much need to do so.

Useful Misc items in Starfield


It's worth mentioning there are two items belonging to the Misc category that are worth keeping: keys and Digipicks. They are used to open locks and doors and do not add weight at all. Since they are included in the Misc category, players often sell them without knowing their value or just do it accidentally. For this reason, many believe that they should be moved to the ammo or aid category.

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