Best crew members in Starfield

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Starfield NPC Barrett in a spacesuit
Credit: Starfield
September 27, 2023: Starfield is available now and we've updated our guide showcasing the best crew members to recruit.

Space is a big and scary place, so it's always better to not explore its mysterious depths on your own. Luckily for those firing up their spaceships in Betheda's Starfield, you won't have to go at it alone! Read on to find out who are the best crew members in Starfield!

Bethesda will have you preoccupied with their space IP on account of the 1,000+ planets and deep customisation options for your character, outposts and homes, and spaceships, of course! All of these can be achieved with the help of some friends, so let's take a look at who should be in your social inner circle.

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Who are the best crew members in Starfield?

It would be more than a mountain of a task to truly assess every possible crew member in Starfield and rank them next to one another. The biggest reason that this would be such a headache is that the game has so many components that it is difficult to determine which are the most important.

When it comes to crew members and companions, each of them bring a particular set of skills that set them apart from the rest. While some may be weak in combat, they might excel in outpost management, or vice versa. So we won't necessarily be giving you an absolutely definitive list of the best crew members in Starfield, but we'll give you our take on some of the strongest candidates to fill particular positions in your squad.

Best Starfield crew member for your ship

Ships are an integral part of your space travelling experience because, well, without them, there is no space travel. Considering the infinite ways you can chop and change your vehicle and add or remove features, having the right team aboard can help ensure everything runs smoothly.

While there are a few strong options for ship specialists, it is tough to look past the wise-cracking Barrett. Aside from being great for morale on account of his wit and demeanour, Barrett has a wealth of experience in ship maintenance. With his high-level Starship Engineering and Particle Beam Weapon Systems, he can help your ship perform better in more ways than one. Gastronomy is a handy skill for Barrett to have too, in case you get hungry on your travels.

Starfield NPC Heller after being rescued
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Credit: Starfield
You could say that this man right here is a "Heller" good choice for your crew

Best Starfield crew member for your outpost

Like ships, outposts have an incredibly wide array of combinations that you can put together on an even wider variety of planets. They can handle just about any atmospheric conditions, provided you have the right people keeping everything in tip-top shape.

As far as the best crew members to keep your outposts in good health, both Heller and Sergeant Lin are top-tier companions for the job. Heller, who you rescue in the early stages of the game, specialises in Outpost Engineering and Geology, so expect him to come up with great ways to maintain the integrity of the outpost and keep it in good condition.

On the flip side, Sergeant Lin gained some serious management skills during her time at Argos, meaning she is capable of putting the right team together to keep the outpost running smoothly. Both engineering and management are critical aspects of a successful outpost, so it would be best to get the two working together under the same roof.

The Adoring Fan from Starfield
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Credit: Starfield
Sorry buddy, there's no room left on my crew. It's not's me...

Best all-around Starfield crew member

The space cowboy, what a dreamboat aye? Sam Coe, you could argue, does his best work as a pilot, but as a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, he's great with a rifle in his hand as well (evident in his rank three Rifle Certification). Above all else, though, he looks the part. With any luck, he'll charm your adversaries into lowering their weapons and surrendering.


If the Starfield Clint Eastwood doesn't woo you, it's also tough to pass up the broad skillset of Sarah Morgan. She's a whiz at Astrodynamics, which is great for the frequent grav-jump flyers, but also has a number of other skills taken from different areas of the game, namely Lasers, Leadership, and Botany. She'll be a great asset regardless of what you are doing, so she's always worth considering.

That should get you started in creating the ultimate team for taking on just about anything that outer space wants to throw at you! For other handy tips, maybe take a look at our Starfield city guide? Or perhaps we can be your wingman and help you romance Sarah Morgan!

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