How to grav jump in Starfield - All Steps and how to speed it up

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Using the grav drive in Starfield to warp between star systems.
September 5, 2023: Learn how to grav jump, one of the fundamentals of space travel, as Starfield makes its full public launch on September 6!

Learning how to grav jump in Starfield is taught fairly early on. After all, it's an essential aspect of the game's space travel system. Rather than take literal lightyears to travel between star systems, you use your high-powered grav drive to skip through to these locations in no time at all.

But if you're trying to get to far-away planets a little while after the feature is introduced, you might not remember how to actually use it. It's not something you'll boot up from your cockpit control panel, and the Jump Seat right behind has nothing to do with it, either.

Before we jump right into it, here's how to increase carry capacity to help you bring more goods back to your base. We've gone over how to craft and how to invert flight controls just as well. With an easy way to get XP fast in Starfield, you'll speed up the process of learning how to get legendary items and deal damage with the jetpack. Of course, if you're ever looking for specific answers to any Starfield questions, we've got you covered with our guides hub!

How to grav jump in Starfield

To grav jump in Starfield, you just need to load up the in-game map. All you need to do is zoom the map out to the galaxy view and look for the star system you want to travel to.

The steps required to grav drive in Starfield.
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Select a planet or point of interest within that star system and use the "Set Course" keybind listed in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If you haven't been to the location before, doing this will cause your ship to automatically rotate to face the location and initiate the grav drive.

Putting more points into the GRV system of your ship will reduce the grav drive time. Take these from the weapons. You won't be shooting while you zip through space.

What is grav jump in Starfield?

Grav jumping is a way to get from one star system to another, so you'll only need it to go from Alpha Centauri to Sakharov, for example. Going from New Atlantis to Akila with Sam Coe? You'll need to grav drive.


If you've travelled to your destination before, you'll be able to use the Fast Travel option to teleport there in a single load screen, eliminating the need to sit through the grav drive countdown entirely. You'll still need one on your ship, however.

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