How to deal damage with jetpacks in Starfield

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A player about to deal jetpack damage in Starfield.
September 29, 2023: We've updated our guide on how to deal damage with jetpacks in Starfield.

Want to deliver extra hurt to your enemies? Learning how to deal damage with jetpacks in Starfield will do it for you. It's a skill that best benefits a certain style of fighting. But with enough practice, it can become one of the best ways to keep you in control of a battle.

Beyond breaking your fall or getting you across chasms and up buildings, the Starfield jetpack can be used to burn targets for additional damage. Just not straight away. Locked behind one of the game's late-game systems, you won't be able to frazzle your enemies from the very start.

Before you can learn how to deal damage with a jetpack in Starfield, you first need to know how to use a Starfield boostpack at all. Despite what you might think, it's not something you can do as soon as you get one. Learning our easy way to get XP fast in Starfield can speed you to that point.

How to deal damage with jetpacks in Starfield

To hurt enemies with your jetpack in Starfield, you need to unlock the Boost Assault Training skill. You'll find this at the very end of the Tech tree between the Automated and EM Weapon Systems skills. Just look for the little guy boosting. You'll need to have put at least 12 points into the Tech tree to unlock it.

Once you've put a point into Boost Assault Training, you'll be able to deal damage to enemies with your boostpack simply by using it within close range. It's one reason why it's a great pick for the best Starfield melee builds.

The Boost Assault Training skill that allows for Starfield jetpack damage.
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Not convinced? Here's how the Boost Assault Training skill evolves with each point:

Boost Assault Training skill rank Effect
Rank 1Nearby enemies take damage when you boost and have a chance to catch on fire.
Rank 2Chance to knockdown nearby enemies when you boost.
Rank 3Aiming down sights while boosting will let you hover in place. Fueld is still expended until empty.
Rank 4While hovering, time slows down and the world moves 70% slower around you.

As you can see, not only will the skill deal immediate damage with the chance of additional damage over time, it can be levelled up to knock targets down, trigger slow-mo combat, and let you hang in mid-air to easily shoot targets behind cover or on high ground.

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