Starfield - What mods do we want to see?

The spaceship in Starfield.

The spaceship in Starfield.
November 6, 2023: With Starfield now released into the gaming atmosphere, mods are bound to prove popular. Find all there is to know in our guide.

Starfield will inevitably be an absolute dream for mod developers. Starfield will support mods not only on PC but also on Xbox consoles. Moreover, Bethesda may even start cooperating with mod creators, allowing them to create various unique alterations that work perfectly in the game. A lot is still to be confirmed though, so what do we want to see from Starfield mods?

Below, we'll go over the best mods we want to see in Starfield, from minor modifications to those that will bring significant changes to the game.

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Starfield mods - What we want to see

The city in Starfield.
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Bethesda's games are usually modded more than most other games, aside from the likes of Minecraft and various other sandboxes. Fallout, The Elder Scrolls games, and other Bethesda titles have featured many modifications that allow you to diversify the gameplay significantly. Therefore, fans have high expectations about Starfield mods.

Even though most suggested ideas on the internet will never become reality, some may strike a chord with developers and the modding community. Below are some ideas we've had and some we've come across online, which we'd love to feature in Starfield once it's out.

HUD and UI customization

HUD and UI customisation would be among the most popular Starfield mods. Switching up the menus and HUD in the game would allow you to make the experience more personal and some modders will no doubt think they can make a cleaner experience than the Starfield devs themselves.

New factions

Starfield will feature the biggest open world in Bethesda’s history. It will be four times bigger than Fallout 76's world, with factions controlling parts of it.

Adding new factions will be quite an undertaking, but they'll keep the game fresh for its biggest fans. They probably wouldn't be added as mods for a while after release, but they'll almost certainly come at some point.

Adult mods

They're not the most tasteful, but the fact is that adult mods are often very popular. The likes of Skyrim, Fallout, The Sims, and Cyberpunk 2077 have had popular sex mods, so we expect them to crop up for Starfield too.

Star Wars/Starfield mods

As Starfield is a game all about space exploration, Star Wars mods would be perfect. Starfield-dedicated forums are already full of ideas for how these mods would look, so expect them to be added very soon after the game's launch, depending on how complex they are.

This is only scratching the surface of how modifications could look in Starfield. Survival Mods, Hardcore Combat, Economy, and other modifications would be very popular in Starfield and, as is the case in any modded game, expect the weird and wonderful to come too.

That’s it for what we want to see from Starfield mods. There is no doubt that mods will become an integral part of the game as soon as it is released and we'll be covering them regularly. For now, check out our other guides showcasing the PC system requirements and the Persuasion mechanic.

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