Which reality should you save in Starfield?

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Rafael from the Entangled mission in Starfield
Credit: Starfield
September 27, 2023: Find out the best reality to save in Starfield!

Starfield is absolutely full to the brim with a wide array of activities, quests, and missions for sci-fi enthusiasts to sink their teeth into. Some of them will require some careful consideration as players are made to make some difficult decisions. For those engrossed in the Entangled mission, find out the answer to which reality should you save in Starfield!

The Entangled mission comes as part of Starfield's main storyline, and heavily features the mysterious Artifacts that you collect as you traverse the seemingly infinite number of planets in the game's universe. While the decision seems simple as it puts the lives of one man against many, it's best to weigh up the benefits of choosing one outcome over the other.

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What is the Entangled quest in Starfield?

In a futuristic version of the famous "trolley problem", your space explorer has to make the tough choice of deciding to end the life of one man or the lives of many, with no option of saving both.

In the Entangled quest, you encounter a split reality that has been created by an Artifact - one of them includes Rafael, who had been presumed dead for some time, and the other includes Director Patel and her entire research team.

You will make the ultimate decision by removing the Artifact from the reality you choose to keep. It seems to be a simple choice on paper, given the number of lives at stake, but your decision will impact the reward you receive.

Director Patel from the Entangled mission in Starfield
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Credit: Starfield
Whether you choose Patel or Rafael - the outcome is grim in the Entangled mission!

What happens if you choose Patel?

Deciding on the lesser of two evils results in Rafael unfortunately losing his life in exchange for saving the lives of many others. Outside of the ethical implications of the decision, the main point of difference with the choice you make is with the reward.

If you choose to save Director Patel and her crew, you will be the recipient of some pretty fancy gear. Completing the mission by sparing Patel will result in receiving the Incendiary Calibrated Experimental Nishina Spacesuit and the Reactive Refined Experimental Ninisha Helmet, both of which are Legendary-level gear.

What happens if you choose Rafael?


If you're brave enough to put Rafael ahead of the others in the Entangled mission, you'll gain a friend for life, and rightfully so. The decision to save the one over the majority will result in unlocking Rafael as a companion.

If you are able to stomach the tough choice you need to make, the main difference between the two parties is the reward you receive. So ultimately, it is up to you to determine if you'd rather have some cool gear or a cool new friend.

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