All answers to Lou's questions in Starfield

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Find out the answers to Lou's questions in Starfield!
Credit: Starfield
September 27, 2023: Starfield is out now, and if you've been stumped by Lou's questions, here are the answers!

To coincide with the countless inhabited planets in Starfield, you will undoubtedly encounter a wide variety of characters on your space exploration journey. One in particular, Lou, will test your knowledge of the Vanguard in the mission Delivering Devils. Here are the answers to all of Lou's questions in Starfield!

Starfield promises to be an enormous title that will give a unique experience for each player, allowing you to craft your own story based on the places you go, the people you see, and the decisions you make. To find Lou and answer his questions, you'll need to partake in the Delivering Devils mission on Mars.

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All of Lou's questions answered in Starfield

During the "Delivering Devils" mission, you'll be tasked with proving you are knowledgable in the ways of the UC Vanguard in order to get the information you require from the bartender. To do this, you'll need to speak with Lou Saaverdra and answer his questions about the organisation. Here are the answers to his queries.

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Credit: Starfield
Answer Lou's questions and continue traversing the vast galaxy!

What is the Vanguard motto?

As a member of the United Colonies Vanguard, the fleet's motto Supra Et Ultra is engrained in your mind. While this is the motto, this alone is not enough to satisfy the sceptical Lou. Instead, you will be required to also indicate what the motto means in English.

To proceed to the next question and impress Lou, you'll need to get the translation right. The correct response to please Lou is "Supra et Ultra means "Above and Beyond". This will be well-received and Lou will be inclined to proceed to the next question.

What grade did you get in your entrance exam?

Lou will try to catch you off-guard with this question, but of course you're not going to fall for his trap. In fact, the Vanguard entrance exam doesn't come with a grade, so to provide any score would be incorrect. Instead, you should select "The Vanguard entrance exam isn't graded like that" as your answer.


This will be met with a positive response by Lou, who will oblige and reveal details of Percival's debt. This is a crucial component of the mission as the debt will need to be cleared in order to complete the mission.

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