How to turn off motion blur in Starfield

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Credit: Bethesda
September 29, 2023: Want the game to be fully immersive? Turn off motion blur with our guide!

For many people, motion blur can ruin how a game looks and break their immersion. For others, it can cause motion sickness, making the game unplayable. As Starfield comes with the option enabled by default, you may wish to turn it off as soon as possible. In this guide, we go through how to turn off motion blur in Starfield.

While there exists a debate on whether motion blur actually looks good or not in video games, having motion blur on can negatively affect your game's performance. If you're looking to gain a couple of extra frames for your fps, turning off your motion blur might just do the trick.

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How do you turn off motion blur in Starfield?

Tweaking your graphics settings before starting a new game is a must for many players. Maximising the graphics while maintaining a solid framerate is a job that is best done at the very start of the game, to maximise your enjoyment of Starfield's amazing environments and bustling cities. Having motion blur switched off can really help ensure you enjoy Starfield to the fullest.

To turn off motion blur in Starfield, start by opening the game's menu. This can be done by pressing F1 on PC, or by pressing the start button twice on console. Then, select the Settings tab and head to the Display Settings. It's here that you can toggle the motion blur settings.


By default, Starfield has motion blur set to medium. You can increase or decrease the motion blur however you want, or ultimately turn it off. For maximum visual fidelity and performance, turning the setting off is advised.

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