How to get Helium 3 in Starfield

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Helium 3 in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda
September 13, 2023: Starfield is out now and we've updated our guide with all of the methods of how to get Helium 3.

Ready to learn how to get Helium 3 in Starfield? In the vast expanse of space, you'll encounter a whole bunch of resources that you'll inevitably need. And one of them is Helium 3, a resource that you can find on some planets.

Now, why should you care about Helium 3? Well, with this resource you'll be able to make HE-3 Tanks to fly across star systems at longer distances. So, stick around, and read how to harvest this stuff and what it can do for you.

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How to get Helium 3 in Starfield

A bunch of planets and moons have this resource growing on them. Although the full list of all planets is currently unknown, here is where we were able to find this resource:

  • Kurtz
  • Ananke
  • Kreet
  • Mercury
  • Aranae

The cutter will not help you in this case, so after you find Helium 3, turn off the scanner and just walk up to the resource and press the E key, or the A button if you're playing on an Xbox controller. Do this quickly, because it is a toxic gaseous resource that can deal you a lot of damage.

But you can always get the Helium 3 in an easier way, namely just buying it from merchants. One of the merchants who sells it is Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

Helium 3 in Starfield.
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How to use Helium 3 in Starfield

Here are three ways you can use Helium 3 in Starfield.

Thanks to Helium 3, you can modify weapons, namely create different laser sights that will help you with difficult opponents.


Helium 3 is the main source of energy for your ship. It is essentially a gas for the ship, thanks to which you can travel faster and across more star systems without having to take breaks. Each ship has automatically built-in Helium 3 tanks, but their power is meagre. After collecting enough resources, you can contact ship maintenance technicians near the landing pads at the largest spaceports in Starfield. Go to the shipbuilder menu and add additional Helium 3 tanks in the Fuel Tanks section.

You also need this resource to combine several of your outposts. Thanks to Cargo Link - Inter-System, you can transfer items between them. This will come in useful after some time spent in the game and will become an integral part of the gameplay.

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