Starfield Mantis quest - How to solve the floor puzzle

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starfield mantis floor puzzle
October 4, 2023: We've got all the answers to the Mantis quest floor puzzle in our guide.

Starfield has plenty of interesting quests with mind-boggling puzzles. One of these puzzles is found in the Mantis quest, where you have to traverse a corridor full of traps. Although the solution is hidden somewhere inside the mission level, it's so obscure that it has eluded many players. Here is how to solve the Mantis quest floor puzzle in Starfield.

The Mantis floor puzzle has to be solved in a very peculiar way, as it has you reach the end of an area with lots of letters on the floor. If you take any wrong step, you’ll see yourself shredded by turrets in the blink of an eye. However, knowing where to go ahead of time will make the solution simple and the rewards in the end worthwhile. So, let’s get started!

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starfield mantis floor puzzle solution audio log
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How to solve the floor puzzle in Mantis quest of Starfield

When it comes to the Mantis quest floor puzzle, the solution is pretty simple. You have to spell out the word TYRANNIS by stepping onto each letter tile in the correct order. Make sure you walk into a straight line, taking sharp turns at each angle. Rushing through the puzzle by running or moving diagonally can result in you getting ripped to shred by the turrets.

If you’re curious how this solution was hidden in Starfield, you’re meant to find it through one of the audio logs you acquire in the base. This one is called Leon Voclain - Sic Semper Tyrannis, where Leon complains about his mother, Doriane Voclain, constantly repeating the word Tyrannis. Doriane Voclain is the person responsible for setting traps in the lair to test Leon’s capability to be the next Mantis. As such, it makes sense for the answer to the puzzle to be Tyrannis.

starfield mantis space helmet reward
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What are the rewards from the Starfield Mantis floor puzzle?

Finally, after completing the floor puzzle, you will unlock another door and head forward. There, you have to take down some additional enemies and reach a cavern, the Lair of Mantis, to fight one final robot. Afterwards, the rewards for your troubles will be waiting there for the taking. These rewards include one Mantis Space Suit and a brand-new ship. You can claim both to complete the mission.

starfield mantis repulsion pack
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The Mantis Space Suit itself is a neat armour for your collection, given how early you can acquire it in the game. The passive buff on it seems to be random, but the look seems very Batman-inspired, due to the superhero vigilante theme of Mantis. The ship, Razorleaf, has a Shielded Cargo Hold, which can be used to safely store contraband.

starfield mantis ship
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