How to get and use powers in Starfield

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starfield power runes
September 8, 2023: Starfield is out now and we've got everything there is to know about how to get and use powers in our guide.

Powers are the strong reality-bending abilities in Starfield that make the game ever so exciting. As potent and efficient as these abilities are, they can be a pain to find and use. So, if you’re wondering how you can also dabble into this space magic, here’s how to get and use powers in Starfield.

We have also listed down all the powers you can obtain in Starfield, so you can see the extent of these mind-blowing techniques. Pick the ones you like and watch your gameplay experience change drastically with the Starfield power system.

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How to unlock powers in Starfield

The very first Power you unlock is through a Constellation mission named Into the Unknown. It is the third mission of the main storyline, so you can access it pretty early on. For this mission, you travel to the planet Procyon III with the objective of investigating the source of the anomaly. Complete the temple objectives, passing through rings of light, to receive the Anti-Gravity Field Power.

After acquiring your first Power, you will get access to the Power From Beyond side mission. This mission tasks you to travel from planet to planet and discover more temples by investigating distortion anomalies. Each time you solve a temple puzzle, you get access to the power hidden in that temple. That’s how you unlock all the powers in Starfield.

Keep in mind that you can only find temples whose respective Artifacts have been found by Constellation. Moreover, once you get to New Game Plus, you discover a completely new set of temples in the game, which can be completed to unlock the upgraded version of your powers.

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How to use powers in Starfield

In order to use a power in Starfield, you need to equip it from the menu. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open up the character menu and click above your character’s head to access the Power menu (or click A on Xbox)
  2. Click on the Power you want to use
  3. Press the button to equip it

Now, you should be able to see a blue bar on the UI, below your HP bar. Each time you use your equipped power, this bar is depleted. So, depending upon the cost of your power, you have to be on cooldown and wait for the power bar to regenerate before using the ability again.

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All powers in Starfield

Starfield has 24 unique powers you can unlock, as listed below:

  • Anti-Gravity Field - Creates low-intensity gravity in your locality.
  • Personal Atmosphere - Provides oxygen from breathing in a toxic environment.
  • Gravity Wave - Stagger and knock over enemies with a gravity wave.
  • Sense Star Stuff - Sense the life force of any creature.
  • Precognition - See the future actions of anyone you interact with.
  • Grav Dash - Dash forward and boost your damage.
  • Creator’s Peace - Disarm all the enemies in range for some time.
  • Solar Flare - Light enemies on fire with a burst of energy.
  • Reactive Shield - Shield yourself from attacks and projectiles.
  • Alien Reanimation - Bring an alien back to life as an ally.
  • Void Form - Provides invisibility for some time.
  • Parallel Self - Duplicate yourself for some time.
  • Moon Form - Become sturdy and increase your resistance to all attacks.
  • Supernova - Cause a supernova explosion, damaging enemies in the range.
  • Elemental Pull - Blast and pull items in an area towards yourself.
  • Sunless Space - Fire an ice ball and freeze enemies in its range.
  • Life Forced - Drain someone’s life force to heal yourself.
  • Earthbound - Shift your surrounding gravity to Earth level.
  • Inner Demon - Create a duplicate of an enemy to attack them.
  • Gravity Well - Crush things around you with a dense gravity well.
  • Create Vacuum - Suffocate enemies in the range for some time.
  • Phased Time - Slow down everything around you for a brief time.
  • Eternal Harvest - Regrow flora in a big area nearby.
  • Particle Beam - Fire a dense energy beam damaging the enemies.

That's all you need to know about how to get and unlock powers in Starfield and all the available powers. For more guides, learn about the best planets for outposts and how to get to Kreet.

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