How to swap weapons in Starfield

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A gun in Starfield.
Credit: Starfield
September 27, 2023: Learn how to swap weapons in Starfield easily.

Bethesda's space explorer Starfield promises to give players a complete interstellar experience with in-depth customisation options for characters and beyond, as well as the capability to traverse countless planets and engage in space combat. Find out here how to swap weapons in Starfield to take on the great threats across the galaxy!

As you take your ship across the seemingly endless star systems in Starfield, you will encounter a number of combat threats, from extraterrestrial creatures to space pirates, so you will need the right gear for the job! Each foe will present a different challenge, so it is important to know how to equip weapons and change them on the go to deal with what's ahead.

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How to swap weapons in Starfield

Naturally, when engrossed in Starfield combat involving firearms, the degree to which you can launch attacking sequences will be dependent upon the amount of ammunition you have. In instances where your magazine runs dry, you'll need to know how to quickly swap to another weapon to keep your character in the fight.

Much like many of Bethesda's previous titles, you are able to assign your best weapons as a "Favorite," so they can be selected on the go. To do this, go to your character's Inventory, highlight the weapon of choice and hit the indicated Favorite button as shown at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have picked a favoured weapon, you can assign it to one of the 12 quick-slot options. This is completely customisable, so you have the choice of the weapon or item's placement on the wheel.

A player inventory, allowing you to swap and change weapons in Starfield
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Credit: Starfield
Change and swap weapons to give yourself an advantage in combat!

How to switch weapons during gameplay in Starfield

While in active gameplay, the directional pad is the key to accessing weapons on the go. Use the D-pad to select weapons and quickly switch them to equip a new one. For PC gamers, you can quickly change your weapon by using the 1-9 buttons on your keyboard.


There are three slots per direction in the Quick-Select menu, so assigning a direction according to the function of each item is a sound strategy to keep your transitions between weapons and items smooth. As an added safety feature, time will slow down while the Quick-Select menu is opened, so you will have plenty of time to make the right choice.

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