How to get credits fast in Starfield

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A planet's surface in Starfield.

Let's learn how to get credits fast in Starfield. Credits are the in-game currency of the Starfield universe. Whether you're seeking to upgrade your spacecraft, secure vital supplies, repair or weapons, accumulating credits quickly can be the key to success.

If you are looking at how to ramp up your credits at a faster rate then you are in the right place. This guide is your ticket to financial success in the cosmic realm. We will delve into proven strategies and tactics for amassing credits.

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How to get credits fast in Starfield

In Starfield, you can make money in many ways. Some are easy, by doing quests. The others are riskier and not very nice, but they can make you rich quickly. Remember, bigger risks can bring bigger rewards in this game.

Loot fallen enemies

Many open-world and role-playing games include a scavenging mechanic where players can search the remains of defeated enemies or other characters. This action yields various items and, occasionally, a small number of credits as rewards.

What's intriguing is that there's often no restriction on the number of bodies you can search, regardless of whether they belong to foes or friendly NPCs. This mechanic encourages exploration and resource gathering throughout the game world.

A pirate outpost in Starfield.
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Sell your items

Apart from scavenging and securing credits, you will have collected lots of precious items from fallen enemies as well. It can be any items like weapons, armour, clothing, and more. The rarity and worth of these items determine the amount of credits they can be exchanged for.

Another way to acquire a substantial amount of credit is by selling unwanted items. If you find yourself in need of a larger sum of credits, parting with surplus loot or junk taking up your inventory can be a viable option without the concern of being short on resources.

It's advisable not to sell items with potential future utility, as they might serve a purpose later on in the game. Careful item management becomes crucial, as players must balance immediate financial gains with long-term strategic advantages.

Steal and smuggle

While not the most ethical choice, it's indeed one of the most efficient and tried-and-tested methods to rapidly accumulate credits in games like Starfield. The game's multitude of planets provides ample opportunities for players to engage in smuggling activities. However, engaging in such illicit activities requires meticulous precautions to evade planetary security and law enforcement, adding an element of risk and thrill to the gameplay experience.

Furthermore, your pickpocketing skills will also come in handy while stealing from NPCs but it comes with a bounty on your head. So, decide on your own and ensure your lockpicking skills are up to scratch.

Participate and compete in Faction Quests

In Starfield, faction quests are missions available for players to undertake on behalf of one of the game's factions. Each faction offers its unique set of quests that players can choose to engage with. Among the factions are options like the United Colonies, Crimson Fleet, Ryujin Industries, and numerous others.


These quests can encompass a wide spectrum of challenges, from straightforward fetch quests to intricate missions involving planetary exploration. In return, you will ramp up credits in thousands.

Apart from these, there are plenty of other options too, such as forcefully asking for money from NPCs.

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