Best games like Starfield

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A spaceship soaring across the galaxy in Starfield.
September 28, 2023: We've collected all the best games like Starfield!

Looking for the best games like Starfield? With the release of the highly anticipated title of 2023, Starfield, enthusiasts of space-faring adventures might find themselves craving more experiences that ignite their interstellar thirst. So in this list, we've rounded up a bunch of great games that capture the same space-faring thrill as Starfield.

From exploring the stars to getting lost in captivating stories, these games are perfect companions for your cosmic gaming adventure.

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Here are the best games like Starfield

So without further ado, here is our list of the best games that share similarities with Starfield.

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • No Man Sky
  • Outer Wilds
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Fallout 4
Mass Effect Legendary Edition by Bioware
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

There could be nothing better than starting this list with Mass Effect Legendary Edition by Bioware, a perfect bundle of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. In the games, players guide Commander Shepard through a galaxy threatened by the Reapers, ancient machines bent on destruction. With its stunning visual enhancements, refined gameplay mechanics, comprehensive DLC integration, and captivating narrative, it provides both veteran players and newcomers with an unforgettable journey through the stars.

The gameplay mostly revolves around a third-person shooting perspective. You will explore the galaxy, civilisations, and countless missions on an approximately 150-hour journey on an immersive map.

No Man Sky's endless space exploration
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No Man's Sky

Another masterpiece addition to this roster is No Man's Sky, probably the most popular space-exploration-themed title. We wouldn't be wrong if we said that Starfield takes inspiration from No Man's Sky's endless space exploration theme. Players take on the role of a traveller who has crash-landed on a distant alien planet. The player must therefore explore the planet, gather resources, and build a spacecraft in order to travel to other planets. Players can also interact with alien lifeforms, trade resources, and complete missions.

With many planets, species, and NPCs, No Man's Sky truly offers a rich RPG experience. Not to make a direct comparison, but No Man's Sky truly built a solid framework for Bethesda's upcoming title.

A combat encounter in The Outer World
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The Outer Worlds

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds is a first-person shooting game with space RPG elements. The plot of the game revolves around the war against a corporate-run space colony in the Halcyon star system. You will play as a colonist who has woken up in the future. And although the game doesn't feature space-based combat and huge maps like Starfield, it can surely be treated as a Starfield warmup.

Overall, it is a first-person perspective game with an open-world environment. Players can explore the colony at their own pace, completing quests, gathering resources, and interacting with the various NPCs.

The sole survivor in Starfield.
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Fallout 4

Bethesda is renowned for crafting open-world, post-apocalyptic universes in its games. So in aligning with this signature style, Fallout 4 stands as an excellent lead-in to the studio's upcoming space-themed release. Like Starfield, Fallout 4 offers extensive exploration, but with a more pronounced focus on combat. Fallout 4, a first-person open-world title, centres on exploration, combat, and character development.

Players delve into a post-apocalyptic setting, undertaking quests to drive the storyline. Building settlements, gathering weapons and armour, and enhancing character skills are integral to the experience.

A ship cockpit in Outer Worlds
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Outer Wilds

No, it is not a typo: we haven't included The Outer Worlds for one more time. Although Outer Wilds and The Outer Worlds are both science fiction space exploration games, they have very different gameplay styles and stories. This title has arguably the most intriguing plot, as the game is set in a solar system trapped in a 22-minute time loop. Each loop allows players to gather information, solve puzzles, and learn from their mistakes to progress in subsequent loops.

The player must explore the solar system, learn about its history and inhabitants, and solve the mystery of the time loop. Not to mention, coming from an indie developer, Mobius Digital, it won the The Game Awards 2023 for best indie game of the year.


So there you have it: our list of the best games that are like Starfield. Not to mention, there were a few more games like Everspace 2, Death Stranding, Deliver to the Moon and many, many, more that are certainly worth looking at to get your space fix.

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